Are there any tutorials for "tuning" a yoyo?

I am interesting in seeing how it is done , I have seen maybe one or two replies about the method between here and reddit , I tried to youtube it but the results were like 3 yoyo videos and the rest were for instruments ???

My understanding is you unscrew the yoyo , then take the half the axle is still connected to and slowly start to turn the axle to try and get each half’s weight evenly distributed. If that’s all there is to it then I guess no tutorial needed, perhaps just some tips or pointers or things to make sure to not do ( other than over tightening , duh ).


You should always look in the List of useful modification and maintenance guides for these kinds of things.

How to tune a yo-yo with a hex bolt axle
How to tune a yo-yo with a set screw axle

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Well, holy crap! Thanks.