VsNYYC Flying Hut Tuning Problem

Ive been messing around with a flying hut that I just recieved, slapped a ten ball in plays fantastic, however I’ve been having trouble finding its sweetspot, can anyone with a flying hut give me some guideance on how to tune it. I’ve centered the axle and I’ve turned it all the way in and just random loosenings to see if I could find it, no luck.

Try a little teflon tape on the axle. This will hold it tight in the threading. Only do this on one side.

Problem being i’m not familar with Teflon taping, and I don’t want to screw it up lol

It’s a very simple process. Go to a hardware store and ask for it. Cost only a dollar or two. Then ask an employee to show you how to tape the threads. You shouldn’t be able to mess anything up unless you crank the Yoyo down too tight.

This pretty much covers it:

The tape will allow you to adjust how far in the axle threads into each half of the yoyo, which allows you to “tune” the yoyo. “Tuning” is basically just aligning the yoyo halves up in different positions until you find the smoothest spot.