How do you tune a yoyo? (specifically a prepro flying hut?)

Hi I might be buying a flying hut…th only problm is…it has a vibe issue…its the pre pro flying hut… But all of them have vibe anyway…but I heard it has a tunable vibe…now The thing is… I dont know how to tune it…

How do you tune a pre-pro flying hut?in matter of fact any yoyo… Thanks!

Wrap the non hex key side of the axle in teflon tape, screw the yoyo together, test, if it vibes open it up turn the axle a little, put it back together, try again. Wash rinse repeat, lots of trial and error.


which side is that?

Sorry that wasnt the best way to describe it, the side without the hole is the side you wrap.

Look at both ends of the axle, the hex key side is the one that looks like it has a hexagon-shaped hole. Like an Allen wrench.

But why ruin a perfectly good vibe?

Thanks!!! Im just wondering, because I have one on the way and it has vibe…i might be ok with some vibe but just for in case I dont like it…