vibey metal drifter

I know its not a great yoyo but is there anyway you can fix the vibe ???

Yes. Maybe not remove it entirely, but a start.

Remove the caps over the hubs. Make a mark on the hub over the flat area. Mark the nut and bold to correspond. Now, remove the bolt and give it a 1/6 turn so the mark is moved 1 flat area over. Screw together, See how that works. You can do the same to the nut as well. Repeat as necessary.

I think mrcnja did a good tutorial on this in the stickied posts. It describes what I’m saying better.

You may not be able to remove vibe, but you may be able to reduce it, ranging from a LOT to a little.,17790.0.html

i tuned the hex bolt and it reduced the vibe by alot thanx ;D