6 Steps to a vibe-free Die-Nasty(Glow)

  1. Break in the bearing
  2. Pop the axle side cap off
  3. Rotate the hex nut by one side
  4. Put the caps back in
  5. Experiment with the placement of the nut to find your yo-yo’s sweet spot.
  6. Have fun with your Die-Nasty! ;D

They ship from the factory already set to their least vibe-y position. Note the arrows?

Anyhow, my instructions in my case are much simpler:

Remove from box.
Add string.

HOWEVER: Not everyone may end up being that lucky. This method can also be used for any yoyo with a hex bolt for the axle.

After my first drop it started to vibe, but using this technique my yoyo stopped vibing and EVEN after some concrete impacts it still doesn’t vibe. 8)

I played mine and beat the crap out of it. It remained smooth after countless 5a drops and foot starts.