VsNYYC Flying Hut Help

Two questions I have:

  1. Is there any standard response that is compatible besides flowable?

  2. How can I easily tune without loctite, teflon tape, etc.?


there was a method for tuning yo-yos without teflon tape. i believe it went something like this:

  1. unscrew yo-yo, remove axle.
  2. place yo-yo half flat on table. just barely insert the axle.
  3. take the other half, keeping the axle half flat on table, and screw it on very slowly.
  4. your yo-yo is now tuned.

no idea if this works with newer yo-yos. here’s the video:

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Thanks for the contribution, but it still has the same vibe as before… Any ideas?

If you want to tune the Flying Hut, you are going to need teflon tape or thread locker.