What's a quick and simple way to remove some vibe?


Posted this in the mods section also. Didn’t know where?


Teflon tape on the axle often works in many cases.


I don’t know what that is/how to do that


You wrap teflon tape around the axle of the yoyo a few times and then screw the yoyo back together.


And keep it there always?


Well, if it works, why would you remove it? The vibe would be gone because of the presence of the tape. :wink:

It’s not a permanent mod. If you ever want to remove it, you can unscrew still; it just might take a bit more doing.

Just a side note: vibe isn’t the end of the world, especially in small amounts. I got a brand new yoyo that has a smidgen of vibe to it, and I actually like it. Dead smooth is nifty and all, but I find a smidge of vibe helps me to detect certain things like dying spin.


I know but like a lot of vibe? If u put the tape on then take it off does it do anything?


I suspect you’re not understanding the tape.

The tape goes on the threads of the axle. It’s really really thin stuff; plumbers use it to help create a seal in threaded attachments like shower heads and faucets.

You put the tape on the axle, you screw it in. It gives a few micrometers of “thickness” to the threads, creating a snugger fit.

There’s no 'taking it off" other than reversing the mod (I hesitate to call it a “mod” but my brain’s not functioning). If it doesn’t help, you unscrew the yoyo, unscrew the axle (again, it might take a bit more work than normal, but if you got it in, you can get it out!) and remove the tape. You’re back to exactly where you were before.


Yes u are quite right I don’t understand the tape. So if an average joe looked at the axle would he see the tape? Where can I buy it? Is it expensive?


Why is it important that the tape go undetected?


Ok so once I get this tape what do I do?


look up yoyo tuning, and you should be able to find a tutorial on how it’s done


insteadof Teflon tape use blue loctite.


That’s somewhat of a poor idea since loctite is designed to not be opened up again usually. Even the less permanent kind of falls apart after some use.

(SR) #15

Step on it, smack it around, and maybe throw it on the ground a few times, your yoyo will be as smooth as spreading butter on warm bread.


I agree, if you can break it, even better!

if your taking this serious, dont.
I dont want mordo to go off again.


loctite blue is designed to hold the bolt firm, but also not so strongly that it can’t be removed with normal hand tools. From the manufacturer website:

Designed for the locking and sealing of threaded fasteners which require normal disassembly with standard hand tools.


Loctite BLUE (there are other more permanent ones) is fine.

Even if it loses its grip some day, you just reapply it.

Or learn to love a hint of vibe. :wink: I do!


I never said you could not use blue loctite - I said it is a poor idea because of the frequent need to reapply it and the waiting period it requires after use. I have used blue loctite before and from personal experience I’d say it’s not worth it.


Certainly Teflon tape strikes me as a better idea.

Nail polish works, too. But I’d rather use Teflon tape.