AIGR Bearings

So my Model 10, which came dead smooth, started getting more and more vibe. I didn’t know what it was, but I threw in a 10 ball bearing. It instantly smoothed out, maybe not quite to its original smoothness, but a heck of a lot smoother than it was. Along with this, my entheos had the same problem, and when I put in a 10 ball to that, it also got smoother. Has anyone else noticed that as AIGR bearings are used, they not only increase string vibe but also body vibe of the yoyo itself (like on grinds, etc.)? Also, has anyone noticed that 10 balls, while not surprisingly decrease string vibe, also significantly decrease grind vibe of yoyos?

Weird. I bought an AIGR aftermarket to put into a non-General-Yo throw.

Best and most consistent flat bearing I own!

Been throwing my M10 consistently since it arrived early last week and it’s still as smooth as it was the day I got it. A tad noisier though but I’m attributing that to the factory lube breaking down.


Make sure you maintain your bearing. I’m willing to bet money that the 10 ball has the same problems sooner or later.

Could it have been from unscrewing it and screwing it back together a couple times?

Possibly if you haven’t screwed it back together quite right there might be a tiny bit of vibe. But as long as it’s not affecting play, I wouldn’t worry about it too much.


For some reason this guy who has made other topics is the only one with problems (like vibe) on his General Yos. Everyone els says “snooth as glass and I’ve had it for a few months.”

So the real question is, are you messing with your GY’s? Do you ding them a lot? What are you doing out of the usual that other General Yo users aren’t?

Yeah I have made a couple threads about it, and no I’ve never dinged my Model 10. It just seems like every time I unscrew it it gets more vibe… I think I may also just be more sensitive to vibe. Who knows…

I have always been a subscriber of not taking apart my throws and tend to try to pass on that school of thought. You can cross thread them or just damage things in ways not possible when your yoyo is assembled. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it.

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I will say this again, but before I do,

For the record, I unscrew my yoyo’s as little as possible, and hardly ever do. Not because I believe doing so will immediately damage the threads. But because I plan on having these things for years, and years, so I plan for the long run. I also play them a lot, so I do often perform maintenance on them and have to open them up on a frequent basis.


Clean your bearing. Unless you unscrew your yoyo in such a way that the threads get damaged, this is not going to cause vibe. Like I have said before, the axle does not float in General-Yo’s. General-Yo’s have like .05" of wiggle room for the axle. What this means is, the axle is virtually always in the same place when you fully screw it together. What this means is, you do not need to tune it. What this means is, unscrewing it has no affect on vibe unless you damage the thread.

Your bearing. Clean it.

Oh yeah, and lube your bearing while you’re at it.

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How do you know whether or not you’ve damaged the thread? And do you mean the threads of the axle or the threads in the yoyo itself?

I corrected (edited) my statement I made, because I said the bearing had .05" wiggle room, but I meant the axle has .05" wiggle room.

You can tell if you’ve damaged the threads by looking a them and seeing if they are gnarly looking. Also it will probably screw together funky, difficultly, too easily, or not at all.

The threads that would potentially be damaged are the ones inside the yoyo halves. The axle is usually steel (or sometimes even titanium!) while the halves are aluminum (though Smooth Move uses steel inserts). Steel wins over aluminum, so it’s the halves that would start to get stripped and gnarly.

Yea, shoulda clarified I suppose tee hee.

Actually smooth move and flow(not sure of monkey fist I assume so it’s sorta their thing) have a steel helicoil incsert so it it the same grade of stainless steel spinning together. This is an amazing reason to invest into spin dynamic yoyos because you do not need to worry about stripping the inside axle.

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Yes … Yes it is!!!

As for the AIGR… I think they are great… For me though nothing plays better in a Gen Yo than a 10 Ball… ALl my Gen Yo’s over the years have had a 10 Ball and have been GLASS smooth on the string and grinds… Taken apart and back together… You just need to carefull and take it slow and easy…

For some reason when I said “Smooth Move” what I really meant was “Spin Dynamics”. :wink: