What type of bearing should I get?

I want to buy a new bearing, and I want a flat one, as I have been hearing a lot of bad things about grooved bearings, and my center-track bearings I don’t really like. I’m thinking:
General-Yo AIGR
One Drop 10-Ball
YoYoJam Speed
YoYoFactory SPEC
I want C-size, and I’m leaning more towards the AIGR or 10-Ball. What should I get?

one drop 10-ball SSSSSSOOOOO SMOOTH

AIGR and 10 ball are both top of the line bearings. You can’t go wrong with both.

I find that AIGR tend to work better with lube in them, and need a little more maintenance than 10 ball.

In general, I find that AIGR spin smoother, but not quite as long as a 10 ball. they balance themselves out.

It’s really preference. You’re better off picking up one of both, finding your favourite, and then putting the other in another yoyo.

Thanks for posting this. I was wondering the same thing and was looking at picking up a couple of bearings for my Protostar and Starlight to see if changing the bearing changes the feel and play of the throw. I like my protostar a lot just not a big fan of the hissing noise it makes and the starlight is just crazy noisy and feels rough. Maybe it is because I need to lube the bearing but I figured those didn’t come with a very high end bearing. But I really have no clue about bearings or such so not sure if the starlight has the same bearing as the genesis or anything like that.