General-Yo AIGR Bearing vs. 10-Ball Bearing (Large Size)

ok im going to buy a new bearing for my axiom and i was wondering which bearing should i get, i’ve heard good reviews of the 10 bearing but whats the AIGR bearing?

theyre both awesome bearings, i like them both equally so its really a toss up

Well if you know you’re going to get one of those two, it wouldn’t hurt to try one that you haven’t tried before.

i dont think he has. he said he heard good reviews.

but personally i like 10 balls, but others would argue.
you really could not go wrong with either.
for me it is a 10 ball

whats makes the AIGR bearing special like how the 10 ball bearing has 10 balls

I would definitely go with an AIGR bearing. Just think about this: They use them in aircraft such as F-16’s. Its probably going to be able to withstand a lot of play.

I’ve never had the opportunity to try an AIGR, but the 10 ball is exceptional! And a bit cheaper, i believe. It spins and spins and then spins some more. To call it “smooth” doesn’t do it justice.

Sorry, but you can’t really compare the two if you’ve never tried one of them. Also, it’s a whole 50 cents more. I would personally go with the AIGR because of what Samad and I have said: it’s used in aircraft and it’s something different.

Well what do you prefer samad, because i’ve heard you talk about the 10-ball, i was wondering if you have played with the AIGR

I own two AIGR :wink:

Super smooth bearings. 10balls are smooth, but I have found AIGR’s to be smoother. Also, it is amazingly quiet. However, if you run it dry it can be pretty loud (and smooth too) but I like to keep a little lube in both of mine.

ive found that the 10 balls can be a bit finicky, i would probably go with the aigr because of that

I just received both of them in the mail and they are both exceptional bearings. You cannot go wrong with either, but if I had to choose one it would be the AIGR. Like Samad said, it is ridiculously smooth and also a bit quieter then the 10ball.

alrighty thanks for the help everyone

I’ve had better expiriece with 10-Balls than AIGRs.

Yeah, after awhile, my AIGR isn’t spinning so well anymore.

I’ve tried both. 10 balls are my favorite bearing. Most of the AIGR bearings I’ve had have been bad, and so far I haven’t had any as good as my 10 balls. I’m still breaking in one of my AIGRs in right now and it’s a good one. But, I had to go through too many bad ones.

Could you point out where i “compared” the 2? I plainly stated I’ve never used the AIGR and just gave my opinion on the 10-ball. Sorry, but you can’t really say i compared the two when i didin’t.

Both are great. You can’t go wrong with either.

If you’re looking for quiet, go with a 10ball.

If you’re looking purely for performance, I’d personally say AIGR.

You’re pretty much guarantee’d to be happy with either of these though.