General Yo AIGR bearing or One drop ten ball bearing

I’m trying to decide between the two. I’ve heard things like, the general yo spins faster and I’ve heard ten balls spin forever too ???. If you know or have any Idea witch one is petter please help me. :’(

They are both great as long as their clean both will give you excellent results.
AIGR are cheaper i do believe.
Also dont forget both of these bearings need to break in.

AIgr bearings are .50 more expensive than the 10 ball(according to yye store) sorry everyone. :-[

Bearings, like yoyos, fit peoples preferences differently. Some people like the AIGR bearing, some don’t. Despite not having tried either of them myself, I have heard many good things about both of them. I suggest going with the less expensive one which is the AIGR, but of course it is only a $3 difference. Remember though, like AFrozenYetiBaby said, they both need to break in.

yes the aigr spin very long but they take a LOOOONNNNGGG time to break in the one i have in my hitman took me two weeks to completely break in. and i throw for at keast 2 hours a day sometimes 8

Okay AIGR sounds good… but the ten ball is cheaper I think. And its only a dollar difference…

Ooops my bad but either one will work excellent

alright decisions final

If you really want to get a new bearing and can’t decide, you can always get both to try them out. :wink:

Ya I could but… you know I’m too lazy, I already ordered one. AIGR