i’m thinking of getting a new, better bearing and i’d just like to see what you think!

Keep Spinning!

(Shisaki) #2

I would say 10 ball, smoothest, quitest, and best out of them all.


That’s your preferences. But I agree.

(D@§h!zn!t) #4

I don’t believe in the whole “better” thing, but I like KonKaves. :smiley:

(Shisaki) #5

Its kinda a coin toss between a 10 ball and AIGR. The difference is the AIGR costs 50 cents more and is a lil’ bit louder


I have been in love with my bro’s 5 Star AIGR bearing, but the 10-Balls are still great, I might get an AIGR.

(Yo!It'sMatt) #7

10-Ball ;D In my opinion.
Takes a while to break in, but GREAT performance.

(Mikey) #8

i would put gold on that list. ;D

(Jamesofyoyo) #9

General Yo bearing. :wink: