One Drop 10 Ball or General Yo AIGR?

Need help deciding on the bearing I should get to replace my super noisy speed bearing in my legacy.

I like the Terrapin X bearings. I know it’s not either of your choices that you listed. I bought 4 recently, so I have some when I get more yoyos later on that will need upgraded bearings.

Let me say this from what I’ve read on here:
The One Drop 10-ball seems to be a bit inconsistent. I personally find this to be rather strange but I don’t make ball bearings. Those that use them with no problems rave about them.
The General Yo bearings seem to be well liked as well.

Also, you might just order a new YYJ Speed Bearing. The one that came with my Dark Magic II is really quiet.

Other ideas include asking if you’ve used any lube on your bearing, or perhaps inquiring if you’ve ever cleaned your bearing?

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go with the 10ball reallyyyyy quite

I guess yours hasn’t broken in yet.

Yeah, once they are broken in or played dry they are loud. I only have two yoyos and both of them have a 10ball in them i like them.

Just by Speed Bearings…

10 ball is great too.

AIGR… no. They could rust. Mine did. Two of em.