One Drop 10 Ball

Anyone have any inclination as to when or if YYE will restock the One Drop 10 Ball Bearing? I want to put it in my Rally, but sadly I cannot order, for they are out of stock. Just wondering. Or, instead of waiting, any recommendations for a different bearing? I have an 8 Ball in my Rally currently, but I want something better and quieter; the latter is not important, though.

Whenever they get restocked! But give general yo AIRG bearings a try. They’re around the same price point and quality. I’ll also recommend terrapin bearings but they’re a bit more on the expensive side. That being said the yyj speed bearings are also a nice smooth quiet bearing if cared for properly. I’m personally not a big fan of CBC bearings, I find them to be quite loud but there a “sale” on ctx bearings; buy any yyf yoyo and you can get a ctx bearing and a sticker pack for five dollars. For five dollars its a smooth string centering-ish ten ball, even if it is a bit loud.

By the way 10 balls are usually considered “louder” than most bearings.

Just be patient they will come back in stock.

If you want to stick with flats I’d go with the Gen Yo AIGR bearing. They’re silky smooth and frighteningly quiet.

As far as curved bearings go, the Twisted Trifecta is pretty great bang for your buck.


If 10 Ball bearings are taken care of properly they are dead quiet. I have had them running in all my One Drop’s for years with no issues.

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I guess it depends on how you treat them because I have some quit and a loud one…

My ten balls are the most silent runners I have (for performance I still prefer terrapin). I can put them into throws that are acoustically the equivalent of a speaker with a string tied to it, and barely hear anything. If you’ve got one that’s loud, you need to clean it thoroughly or there’s something wrong with it.

I agree-- 10-balls are smooth and silent with a weeeee bit of lube. Any of mine that start making noise are also going responsive. The noise is a sign to me that they need maintenance.

I also agree with the AIGR recommendation. A FANTASTIC flat bearing.

Terrapin X 10 ball bearings are also available with steel balls for quite a bit less, DryPlay treated.