bes bearing to put on rally?


which one is the best at around 10$?
(there is also the option of getting champions collection one and getting a CT with it and the yoyo itself)

Thanks a lot!


I say look into buddah bearings. they are cheap and very high quality bearings that all spin long, smooth, and quiet when lightly lubed.


One Drop 10 Ball.




is there that big of a difference between 10 ball onedrop and 8ball onedrop?


I think so. The 10 Ball is VERY smooth and quiet…


hey. one guy namd fjh123 pm’ed me offered selling me a Terrapin X 10 ball for $10 shipped
is he legit? can i be sure the bearing is original? someone done a deal with him before?
Thanks :


A good 'ol Dif-E-Yo Kon-Kave. No need for a ceramic.


i can’t really afford more than 10$ - so its either 10ball onedrop, or if that guy is legit the Terrapin X 10 ball for $10



Well yea… He’s the one that makes them :stuck_out_tongue:


NOTE: The TX 10 ball offered is the DryPlay steel one, not the S/C ceramic…


I have a One Drop 10-ball in mine, and I don’t plan on ever putting anything else in it.



the bearing it comes with performs fine