Which Bearing?

Hey guys! ;D. I was just wondering what bearing I should get and I would like to hear from you guys.
What are the pros and cons(if there is any ;D) of each bearing:
One Drop Ten Ball (I can’t any of these in stock on YYE or YYN. I would prefer to get them on a site that is cheap shipping.)

Dif-e-Yo KonKave: (These are available on YYE so Iam seriously considering buying it. A Size C would fit a Protostar right? ???)

YYF Spec Bearing

Center Trac

I have a 25 dollar budget and Iam going to pick up some thin lube. So thanks for looking and please post your preference/experience/reccomendation of which bearing I should get =)

Whats wrong with the bearing you already have?

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Nothing it’s just that I want a extra bearing just in case I lose mine or to put in another yoyo.

i have done a lot of reading and a lot of people will always say a lot of different things. i like my terrapin x wing chrome bearing. you can get them off ebay for 12$. 2 for 20. i use them in my protostar and northstar

their a flat bearing with a small barly noticable groove machined into the bearing that keeps the string centered but dosent restrict multiple string layers on the bearing. and spin a really long time! their a bit noisy though.

Thanks for the reply. I dont really like Ebay that much and would prefer to order off a site like YYE. As for a bearing I would like a quiet one. Anyone else have anything to say about which bearing I should get?

Ok guys, I just emailed YYE about the restock of the Ten Ball and immediatly they responded. Luckily for me the One Drop 10 ball Bearing just restocked! Does this bearing fit the Protostar? I need an answer quick=)

Yes, it fits the ProtoStar, and also makes the ProtoStar one heck of an amazing yoyo. I took a ProtoStar with a 10-Ball over a SuperStar for a contest.

Kk Thanks ordering now!