So I’m stuck in-between some bearings to chose from, mainly the General Yo AIGR, 10Ball, Grooved Crucial and Buddha Ripple.

I can’t find any comparison videos or any reviews on most of them (except 10Ball). Just wondering if anyone can give me some opinions of any sort =P

I am open to any other suggestions as well, my budget is around $10.


I’d say the Ripple is the best bang for your buck, but if you like flat bearings, you can’t go wrong with a 10 ball. I personally prefer the AIGR, but it all comes down to preference. I’m sure you’ll get to try them all eventually, and you can form preferences of your own, but of what you listed, I’d vote for the Ripple. :slight_smile:


Buy the cheapest one that is the shape and size you want.

(SR) #4

They’re all the same brah


Hey isn’t the Ripple 10 Ball as well?

I know I should follow my preferences, if only I had any I wouldn’t be posting here =p

Thanks for the opinions, I’ll go with the Ripple since it’s sorta concave with the string centering ripple and with 10 Ball, I guess it’s an All-in-One.


I find a flat bearing (using yyj SPEED and OD 10 ball) holds a suicide loop much better than any groove bearing (yyf CT KonKave) I’ve tried.


TX wing bearings center the strings yet play like a flat bearing…