AIGR help :]

why is it responsive even after i cleaned it??

soaked it in mineral spirits
shook it for several minutes.

lightly thin lubed it.
very lightly

and now its still responsive.
and it has a little vibe.
: /

ps. i just got it in the mail today.

you probably need to break it in

Don’t shake it. Put it on a pencil tip and spin until dry. :wink:

:)i did tho…

it seems to have more vibe than my current 10 ball…

hopefully its not going to be like this forever.

Well, bearings dont have anything to do with vibe, its just the throw. Practice on your throw and there shouldnt be any vibe. And how much lube did you put in?

idk how much lightly is??
all i know is its not even a drop.

then if the bearing has nothing to do with it, then how come my 10 ball seems to be smoother when i play with it?
my throws are straight. i dont need to practice straight throws man :]

10 balls are smoother because they have 2 more balls then the AIGR bearing. Idk how to explain it but go to the onedrop forums and read the very detailed disscution:

At page 2.

And you never know, even masters sometimes hit a bad throw once in a while.

Everyone I know on every forum says that there’s no big difference between AIGR and 10ball.

My guess is that your bearing isn’t dry. Just keep playing it and see what happens. If it’s still responsive clean it again and then let it dry overnight before lubing it.

lol i agree :]