Vibe question (I know...)

So I’m not usually one to care too much about vibe so I’ve never taken the time to familiarize myself with its intricacies too much. However I’m a little more picky with special edition stuff. I just picked up a special edition yo-yo and it has a pretty strong string vibe on the initial throw. I’m not talking about the vibe that can sometimes occur from a throw thats not straight, even after I dampen it with a finger it still vibes pretty strongly. Just string vibe, minimal to no fingernail vibe.

However midway through the throw if I check again the vibe is minimal or nonexistent. Would this indicate that the yo-yo is fine, or can even vibey yo-yos feel better when spinning at a slightly lower speed?

I’ll also add that unlike most YYFs this one has a pretty loose bearing seat on one side.

I feel like an idiot for asking for this considering how long I’ve yoyoed but it’s never been an issue for me before.


I can’t explain it but I’ve experienced the same thing. I wonder if some yoyos vibe is exaggerated when they are spinning faster and becomes less noticeable when they slow a bit. You’ve asked an interesting question. I’d like to know if anyone else has any input.


This is completely unfounded but my guess is any imperfection is exacerbated at high RPM. You can limp a car with a problem home but you’d have some issues if you floored the gas.


Yeah I’m just wondering whether or not this justifies asking for a replacement or not. I don’t want to be that guy.

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I don’t know the answer to your main question, but one of these usually fixes or significantly minimizes vibe for me:

  • New bearing
  • New axle
  • Silicone (recessed slightly) instead of pads. Along the same lines, experiment if thinner strings give you less vibe. If they do, you know the string rubbing on the pads is causing at least some.
  • Experiment with how tight you screw it together. Obviously, you only have a small amount to play with and don’t have it so lose that it’s going to come apart lol…but sometimes just a hair tighter or loser can make a difference.

I would say overall, I have the best luck with a bearing swap. Oddly enough, sometimes it takes trying a few bearings until it fixes it. Even if they’re the same brand. It’s probably some small enough to not even measure, but some seem to fit better. Sounds odd, but I’ve experienced this a lot.


My main methods of tuning are:

Screw in the axle snugly. Switch it to the other half. Flip the bearing. Try a different bearing. Try a different axle.


So just string vibe? Not much fingernail vibe… Is it visibly vibey? I would make sure the pads are firmly in place and try swapping the bearing to see if that changes anything.

Don’t hesitate to contact the store or manufacturer you bought it from, they would rather fix the problem than have an unhappy customer.


I’d try a tighter bearing and see if that helps:)

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It’s not actually physically vibrating the yo-yo, and I’ve made sure to keep the string away from the pads, ive swapped to a couple different bearings with no luck. I honestly think it might have something to do with one of the bearing seats being a lot looser than I’ve come to expect with YYF. The bearing just plops out on one half but is very secure in the other.

Yeah, I would just say to contact the store you got it from, or YYF if you got it from them directly. They’ll likely just replace it for you.


Thanks Garrett.

This is actually the second yo-yo I’ve had issues with recently, both special editions ordered from two different retailers, but both were Wide Angles. I had submitted a question about the first one less than a week after I got it but didn’t get a response and was just going to eat it, but the responses in the thread motivated me to contact the other retailer again and they got back to me right away this time and offered to replace.

I’m not generally the type of person who is comfortable in this type of situation.

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is it pulsing or steady?

I wouldn’t worry about being that guy. You did buy a new product that does not perform as it should. I generally wouldn’t mind either if I caused it or it had taken some damage etc. But new it shouldn’t be accepted.


It’s steady. I’ve emailed YYE about it since that’s where I got it from. I must have bad luck with YYF yo-yos. my last 4 yo-yo purchases were Wide Angles and 2 of them had issues. I’ve bought 16 yo-yos in the last few months and these were my only issues.

I’ve found this to be the case a few times now. Just last week I finally managed to get my showgirl to play real nice, it had some weird issues like this. Give it a good throw, string vibe until it slowed some, it also seemed like it had less spin time than I expected.

I suspected a problem with the response, but I’d poked and prodded on the pads a bunch of times to make sure they were seated and that they weren’t protruding any. I also tried all kinds of different strings, swapped axles, tried a bunch of different bearings, nothing helped. I was siliconing a couple other throws and decided I’d give it a try on the showgirl. As soon as I went to pull out the pads, I found the problem. It turned out one of the response pads had separated from its adhesive backing about 1/4 of the way around, so it would seem like it was stuck down, but not really.

My best guess is that when I gave it a good throw that would be just enough to make that part of the pad deform a little, causing string vibe and loss of spin, then as the yoyo slowed the rest of the response pad would pull it back into place.

It plays wonderfully with silicone in it.