Why do YOYOFFICER you seem so prone to vibe?

It’s not about being afraid of opening yoyos in general, its more of the fact that 99% of the knots i get are faster to undo with a toothpick or a bent paperclip.

I do the exact same thing except in the middle of it I spin around 3 times, do 4 push-ups, spring back to my feet and do the hokey pokey 8)

Oh, I left that part out because I thought that was just assumed :wink:

And I have an aunt who smoked 3 packs of cigarettes a day for 75 years, and lived to be 90. Not really, but you get the idea. Somebody’s aunt did that!

Kinda like, “I never lubed this bearing, and it’s still like new 20 years later.”

I was just presenting it as a possible risk factor. I read about it, and to me it makes logical sense. That doesn’t mean it will necessarily happen, or even that it’s true. It just makes sense that it could happen to yoyos with tight bearing posts.

Again, I don’t own any YYOs, so I don’t even know if they have tight posts.

I have some inexpensive yoyos machined in China, but I’m a bit oblivious to whole vibe issue. I just don’t seem to notice it, or my yoyos are all smooth? I’ll have to see if I can test some of them…

Why? Why do you own four when the first was a disappointment? I don’t get it!

If I buy an item from company “x” and I’m not pleased, I try to get it replaced, warrantied, or I return it. If I acquire a second through warranty, or having it replaced, and the problem reoccurs, I’m not buying anymore from that company. ::slight_smile:

As far as not opening the next one you buy, that’s really unlike me. Why buy another? Try something else. :stuck_out_tongue:

Where’s the logic? :-\

I actually didn’t start opening them up before i got my fourth. I bought them all in a very short manner of time. Probably less than a month.

The thing about the logic is that it doesn’t really need to be any. This is one of my past time activities where i spend the money i have leftover for such activities. As long as i don’t overspend or do anything illegal/immoral noone really cares.
The reason why i want to buy another YYO? Easy, they’re simply unmatched in a performance/price ratio, excluding a few exceptions (which i already have anyways).

Thanks for posting the onedrop’s address to the issue. It helped a lot.

For me it’s about losing the bearing entirely, which I just did tonight in the grass at the park. One of my favorites, and not an easy thing to find in the park. I think I’ll use a paperclip, tweezers etc outside now, or be more careful.

The bearing was on the string when I shook it out the string, but I didn’t realize it. Gone baby gone.