New Here! Speedaholic Question

Hello all!

I’m a long time lurker on the forums, but I finally made an account because I’m having a problem with my Speedaholic…

I’ve done a forum search about vibe and haven’t been able to come up with a good solution, or reason, for my issue.

I have a relatively new Speedaholic, which has vibed since the day I got it. Early on the vibe was very minimal and not alltogether surprising given that lots of plastics have at least some vibe. However recently it has gotten extreme to the degree that the yoyo is unusable.

The vibe I would describe as “pulsing” so when I throw it will go from smooth to HEAVY vibe, meaning the edges of the yoyo (the outer edge of the rim) will vibe more than a centimeter (the ghost effect when its spinning and vibing shows two edges roughly 1cm apart) then it will go smooth again. If I touch the yoyo with a fingernail to smooth it it will start to pulse again. I’d say that from smooth through a vibe and back to smooth again takes about a half second. If I let it go long enough it will settle into a steady but very extreme vibe. Enough so that if I tug the string it will ALWAYS trigger the response system (even though the bearing when tested on other yoyos is definitely unresponsive).

I fear that I may have over-tightened it once because I noticed that on one half of the yoyo the bearing will sit very snugly in the bearing seat. Enough so that I have to remove it with a bearing tool. But on the other half it doesn’t sit snugly and I can take it off with a simple pull of the fingers…

When I screw the yoyo together there is nothing blatantly obvious that looks out of place and I’ve checked the bearing seat for any “burs” or anything that looks like it might rub against the bearing…so far it looks normal and the bearing spins freely on both halves.

I’ve tried multiple bearings, multiple axles and multiple strings, in all possible configurations…the vibe happens with all of them and looks the same.

Based on the advice here on this forum I’ve exhausted all options that I know to try! Does anyone here have any experience with this sort of problem?

For an $18 yoyo I’m not heartbroken, but if it can be fixed I’d like to try.

Thanks in advance for any advice you fine folks might have.

  • Gizz

How new is relatively new? If you bought it from us recently you can call or email to arrange to send it back. If we can’t fix it we will most likely replace it.


So it’s three weeks old I think…but I’ve modified it :o ::slight_smile:

I took some acetone to the outer rim to remove the logos shame. I wanted the yoyo to be completely clean because it looks awesome that way :stuck_out_tongue:

But the vibe issue didn’t show up until well after that so I can’t attribute the removal of the logos to the vibrations.

I doubt, however, that you would accept a Speedaholic that’s been modified in such a manner…if you will then your customer service is beyond anything I’ve ever encountered.

  • Gizz

Well we probably can’t replace it then, but I’d be happy to take a look at it and see if it’s fixable.

What do I need to do? I’m more than happy to send it somewhere.

Send us an email and we can arrange for you to send it in.