Hectic has vibe now.

When I got my sb Hectic, it was absolutely dead smooth. I haven’t done anything to it except change the string and apply a little drop of thin lube once the bearing broke in. Now it has a significant vibe. Even after letting it grind on my thumb, making sure the string is not touching the sides, and all that good stuff, it still has a vibe. I’m not sure what could have happened unless this is a property of the bearing somehow. Any ideas on what happened and how to fix it? Thanks in advance.

Same thing happened to me, but I just broke in the bearing completely and it stopped.

OK, the problem has worsened significantly. The wobble, vibe, and responsiveness are extreme. I cleaned my bearing, thinking that some particles of debris or silicone got into it, but the problem is only worse. (yes, I thin lubed it) Do I need a new bearing? This is extremely frustrating.

If its nt the bearing problem, it is your throw.

The problem is definitely not my throw, and a PGM? How does that help me?

Have you tried the finger test?

Yes, as established in my original post. There is definitely something wrong with the bearing. It only spins for about 1 second on a flick.

Do you have any Duncans or other yoyos with a smalll bearing?

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If you’ve cleaned it properly and you’re still having issues, I’d say contact Ben from YYF about it. I’m sure they’ll replace it.

Only a Mosquito.

Replace the bearing on the Mosquito with the bearing on the Hectic, se how that works.

Change the bearing. That will fix it. If you have tapmered with the bearing at all then the warranty will do you no good. Bearings can cause some serious vibe/wobble.

I just put the Mosquito bearing on and same thing. Lots of vibe, tug responsive.

My guess is that your mosquito bearing is chok full of lube?

all I did was add a drop of thin lube once the bearing broke in.

So you did that too your mosquito bearing too?


If both bearings do the same thing, then its the yoyo.

Contact Ben.


Weird, I can’t imagine what I could have done to it. It’s never been dropped or anything like that.