YYR knockoffs.

Are they a lot worse than the real thing, or are they the same? How much different do they play?

They’re worse. There’s a reason people don’t buy them too much, because they’re ripping off another company, and their products don’t play as good as the originals.

I agree. They play fine from the looks, but I doubt as good. Although I did find some that are 7075,and wanted a few, they are still illegal, and immoral.

It’s bad enough to copy a design, but to actually put the logo on it too and pass it off as the legit product is seriously not cool.

Good news is I heard the market for these in China basically died and now the manufacturers are trying to flog the remaining stock super cheap.

Please do not buy knock-off yoyos. I think buying them is immoral, no matter how small the budget (please don’t flame me, i’m just giving my opinion)

But to answer your question, i have had played with 11 bootlegs. 7 6061, 4 were 7075. Out of the 11, 10 had noticeable vibe, but the 11th( not within the same time-frame) was suprisingly dead smooth. The 6061 bootlegs play faster than the real 7075 YYR, but the don’t have that YYR feeling. The engraving was also noticeably different than the real ones. The one smooth fake YYR was a bootleg Sleipner, which i kept for awhile since i liked it. Shortly after, i realized that i was supporting an immoral cause. I still have it, and refuse to sell due to it being a bootleg. I play with it, still. But i re-iterate, DO NOT BUY THE BOOTLEGS!

Ill take it for free! (lol jk)

But i personally dont have a problem purchaseing knock offs. i hate to say it, but dropping $200 for a yoyo is a bit steep. But if i do evn buy knock offs, i buy them to play with them, for a taste of the real product. I dont sell them or even trade them. I just want a fun yoyo to play with.

I dont endorse buying these, but its not like im hurting a charity buy getting a $50 fake yoyorecreation.

It’s also not like you’re hurting the company given that whoever bought it wasn’t going to buy a legit anyways.

Plus, it might actually help them. Somebody could try and knockoff and think, “Wow, this is great fro 40$. Imagine how good a legit one could be?!”

I’m sorry, but how can you justify in your head, buying something that someone has blatantly stolen from someone else? How would you feel if you came up with a great product that people love, and all of a sudden, tons of your potential customers start buying products from someone who took what you’d made, and made a crappy copy of it, and is now making money off of your idea illegally?

And the whole “well i wasn’t gonna buy a legit one, so it’s not hurting the company” argument is wrong. If the bootleg companies did not exist, there would be no temptation to buy them. If you didn’t know bootlegs were available, you’d be much more likely to purchase an official one.

Not to mention purchasing a bootleg is morally wrong in tons of other ways. There’s a reason you don’t see bootlegs of cars and other products. It’s illegal and wrong. There’s no way around it.

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I think the idea is valid. I will never, and never would think about buying a full price yyr, not even if they were down to 130$. No bootlegs? I wont get one period, bootlegs? I buy one, doesnt change a thing.

THis is an example. I will not pay full price for one, but I will not buy a bootleg just because its wrong, but some people cant afford the real deal.

I never said it was right, I just stated it doesn’t hurt the company.

And I’m saying it does hurt the company.

I’m not condoning buying bootlegs, but I learned a long time ago not to get too lofty about this kind of thing. You have absolutely no idea how morally suspect the vast majority of your posessions are. It’s just that you don’t think about them the same you think about yoyos.

Make sure your entire wardrobe and all of the technology you use hasn’t caused harm to a person or group before getting too deep into condemnation. That iPhone was made with what amounts to slave labour a city-factory that amounts to a prison.

Then make sure you’ve never listened to a “dodgy” copy of a song, never watched a downloaded movie, and never modden a portable gaming device or installed an emulator to play ROMs.

Every movie that you’ve enjoyed (even if paid for legitimately), best research it to make sure that it’s not actually a mostly-stolen story that was uncredited, with the original author never seeing a penny.

Now, in this case you ARE aware. So the intent is different. I’m not saying there’s no justification in telling people they’re walking down a morally suspect (morals are also not black and white, keep that in mind) path. Just that if we decide to get TOO preachy about it, let’s make sure our own poop doesn’t stink. And even if it smells like roses, we should ask ourselves if there’s a benefit beyond simply sharing the perspective… sharing the perspective without condemning people is enough, in my opinion.

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I have owned almost every YYR bootleg, and I can say that while not completely completely exact, they are pretty darn close. And every one I have owned had no vibe also.
As for the moral thing, I couldn’t care less.
It’s my money, I’ll buy what I want, and nobody will make me think any differently, because frankly, anything anyone will try to say, I’ll simply ignore. I am a student struggling to get by, I can’t afford to buy expensive yoyos, but I will buy good playing cheaper yoyos, which guess what, are those copies. I throw what I want, and nobody will change that. Got a problem with that? Talk to the paw.




How funny that you always preach your ways on the forums as if your word is law.

Some of you guys take this way too seriously, sure you can decide not to buy the bootleg, but don’t go around telling us not to or that it is illegal or immoral. It is not illegal or immoral for us to buy the bootlegs. Remember, not all of us have the luxury to drop $1000 on yoyos a week. It is wrong for a company to rip off another like that, but it is not wrong for us to want to buy a product that’s almost as good as the original for 1/10th of the price.

Morality is a totally gray area, and in my opinion especially when it comes to consumerism.

if your desprate than yes buy it but if is not an emergence than no save your money to get the real deal or some other yoyo.

People, if a YYR is too expensive for you, buy an awesome, affordable yo-yo by someone legitimate. That’s who you’re hurting by buying a knock-off. Or stop playing the victim (oh I can’t afford it!) and just save up if a YYR is so important to you. Most of us have enough yo-yos anyways. Show some patience and self-control, will ya? ;D