Bootleg Yoyos

What do you think about bootleg yoyos? I think it is good because people with not a lot of money can alos get into yoyoing without breaking the bank.

Some of them are getting out of control; They look EXACTLY like the regular ones… heres a bootleg on a SPYY…
Heres a yoyofactory bootleg
Another YYF bootleg
Another YYF


Well, I can see both sides of the argument. But isn’t it a bit illegal?

Inside the US it would. (I assume) These can’t be sold to people in the US becasue they come with bootleg KK bearings. They can be sold w/out the bearing.

if you saw the newest string burn live. some new yoyos they showed where bootlegs

Some of these are just sad how much they look like really ones. I had to read the side of that “spyy” one to see it wasn’t.

The thing is most of the bootlegs are made out of the US, where patent laws can’t touch them. It’s just that they can’t sell to people in the states. However, I know that Yoyofactory gives some rights to the hubstack to some companies. So that would explain the hubstacks. The full on design of the yo-yo’s though, I’m not sure. The first yyf bootleg pictured looks identical to the 888. The z-stacks look straight out of the g5’s book too. I wish you said what company they were from so we could get a better look.

I’m pretty sure YYF is getting mad at audley for using stacks, but there yoyos are original concepts.

Those yoyos are all from a company called “Aoda”. They can be found on euro-yo. Not giving a link though.

I thought it was because of the bearing that they were upset?

/no wait thats dif-e-yo.

Well, to me, bootleg yoyos are for the people who can’t really afford to spend like 120 on a yoyo and want a specific shape. Bootleg yoyos help for this and they really don’t undercut the profit of the companies they are copying from because 1. They are not 100% exact. 2. They are usually not as high quality. 3. It’s not a popular company so usually people will go for the popular names for their yoyos because the name and specific yoyo emits a certain internal feeling

Then 3 goes up to the fact that what if the bootleg company is the said popular company in the area? Then what happens? Well, the true larger name company is probably not in the area so its not like that area is targeted for profits. Besides, the yoyos will be sold eventually.

I dunno. But I love those mini Z-stacks.

The guys who reviewed the yoyo said he had fun using them on his real G5 haha

i know all of those yoyos, and thrown most of them.
in the OP, the first is a aoda radian, second is aoda rainbow, its an 888 LB copy, third is an aoda flying master S, and forth is an aoda PXY.

im quite sure that PXY is not a bootleeg.

well, i think i will be also pissed off if my design got copied by other company that only aim money.
that is.

:wink: :wink:

Heres another one of a YYJ. Lyn fury with weight rings? lol, by aoda

Not sure what this is, but its called the pole by aoda

Every business is out for money. Everyone likes money.

“Lyn Fury with weight rings” is a Dark Magic copy.

I want some “bootlegs.”

Don’t know why Chinese companies just copy everything though.
It isn’t that hard to design a yoyo.

$100 for a yoyo is ridiculous IMO.

Consider that the case price for a Sunshine is $8 per yoyo, packaged.
Aoda L2 case price is $13.
Auldey L3 sells in China for $25. Online here, $50, international shipping is hurts though unless you’re filling a $5000 container and shipping by sea instead of air.
Auldey Virus sells in China for $18.

Aoda Lyn Fury case price is $1 per yo.
Aoda Dark Magic/Hitman/SFHG case price is $4 per yo.

If I had a patent, yes I wouldn’t appreciate it being ripped, but I don’t so LOL.

Some patents are ridiculous.
There’s a patent for using hypertext to display crap or something, essentially a patent on a website.

Theoretical every website owner in the world should be sued for patent violation.

Everyone copied Duncan’s butterfly.
Everyone copied putting bearings into yos.

Why don’t yoyo companies all pay royalties for Pedro Flores’ family.

If patents didn’t expire, all these new yoyo companies like YYJ and YYF wouldn’t exist.

wrong. Its a hitman.

What’s with your attitude.
It’s a Dark Magic.

Did you read Born2Yoyo’s post?

He was talking about the AULDEY REGAL SPEED.
Which is a YYJ Dark Magic copy.

Let’s straighten things out. A Lyn Fury with weight rings is a Hitman. The picture in question is a bootleg Dark Magic.

Everyone is correct…sort of.

It was just a guess on my part… kinda forgot there was a hitman haha.

bootleg yoyos
paint: suck
feel: so bad
bearing: suck

Well, I have some of those bootleg… And Auldey is the one that gets me into yoyoing…

They maybe a bootleg, but they don’t play as well…
Their bearing is not smooth…

There are two sides of this case, I’m going with this one:

These designs are not just copied, they are stolen.

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