Anyone know of the brand AODA?

Aoda is a bootleg company that make copied yoyos like 888. Even though its fake its almost as good as the original one. Like i have the aoda dark magic and it plays almost like my yyj dm.

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And you’d be one of the few to say that.

Substandard manufacturing, child labor exploitation, and quality control alone should steer people away from this junk. Not to mention the lack of support to your favorite manufacturer(s) from buying said junk.

If you have luck with companies like AODA or Auldey, count your blessings. As for myself, even if I knew the product was of equivalent quality to it’s actual counterpart, I’d still pass. Just too much wrong with the concept and trappings of bootleg yoyos for my tastes.

By the by, they can keep “Blazing Teens” while they’re at it. I’ve got little use for television programming that uses it’s target audience to exploit and produce the product advertised within it.

When im getting milked for all im worth I could care less if its a copy or bootleg of another yoyo. when the norm for a metal yoyo is 125$ showing my support for a company Is to rich for my blood. A fractuion of that is what it cost to even produce a yoyo.

Yeah, because rent, payroll, employees, insurance, postage/shipping, tools, dies, lathes, raw materials, computers, distributors, utilities, advertising, telephone/internet service, and a building are all taken care of just as soon as you design your first yo. Free of charge! Especially if you’re a “mom and pop” type company, as a lot of our favorite companies are! The government can’t get to you quick enough with a big fat check to cover all your business expenses every month. Right?

Not to mention one of the fundamental truths of production: the more you make, the cheaper it is. (This is certainly a double entendre when speaking of companies like AODA or Auldey.) How many yos do you think most of these companies actually sell? Seriously. And they’re not going to be producing more than they realistically expect to move.

Want it all to get cheaper? Support the companies you like, however you can, and bring new blood into the hobby. Can’t afford metal, then don’t buy it. Going to a company that couldn’t even legally exist inside most other developed countries to get it cheaper isn’t the answer. It’s actually the problem, to be blunt about it.

Hey all. I have seen a lot of this company on ebay. I looked at it and said that looks like this or that yo yo. I don’t think I would purchase a copied product.A lot of work goes into research and development of any product. I think I would prefer to reward hard work. On another note I thought Audley or whatever was a legitimate company.Glad I let that bid on that l3 go,but I heard this was a good yo yo.And a ok company???

I guess these companies that make products similar, but cheaper than the original ones, can be found in any buisness or environment. You have the same with BB guns. And in my experience, these products are said to be as good or better that the original. As this may be true in a lot of situations, can we not ignore the fact that there’s a reason these products are cheaper. Unimportant (good looking) details are removed, or the product may be produced under child labor in developing countries. Although these products are cheaper, I strongly advise that you all stay away from them. By supporting these companies, you are not only supporting child labor, but you are also turning your back on those who made the original.

This is your choice though. I can’t do anything but the thing i just did. If you want to do the things listed above, just for a cheaper yoyo, then go ahead. It’s your choice.

Nah. Auldey is just as guilty. Flashy websites, TV shows, and sad viral marketing don’t make up for the fact that they’ve never had a design not blatantly stolen from someone else. If you can overlook any other indiscretions they have, don’t overlook the fact that they’re bootleggers at the end of the day.

bootleging yoyo’s is one thing, but noone should talk about companies outsourcing there jobs. Nearly everything you buy these days is made in a different country. that is one reason why our economy is in such bad shape. i don’t agree in bootleged items of any kind, and i don’t agree with companies outsourcing our jobs to other countries b/c it saves them money. we don’t see a decrease in prices b/c of it. i’m not a real good yoyoer but i am a scratch golfer and i know how companies bootleg clubs, shafts, bags, etc. when you buy these items from these companies you do save money but you can always tell a difference in how the items play. i can’t make decisions for people but i won’t be buying any knock-offs!

Audley destroyed the RC car hobby, Took the major players completely out of the market with knockoffs.

Here is the thing, Audley and Aoda are in it for a quick buck. If you buy from them, then they know the market is viable and will continue to make bootlegs. 40% of the bootleg yo-yos may play 80% as well as a legitimate. The rest are compete garbage. This is because they care more about quantity then quality. There are no product testers here, just production lines in impoverished countries. When the US outsources, there still are a few standards that must be met. When the country is based out of China, then all bets are off. “Whats wrong son? No bearing In that new yo-yo you jsut purchased?”

I don’t know about you, but I have gotten the impression that most yoyos are actually produced in the US. Not the supposable China.

Right, but AODA and Auldey are both Asian companies, with their production facilities in Asia. Nothing they do is handled in the United States.

I’m not sure why outsourcing was mentioned, as none of the companies we’re discussing really employ it. And I made it a point to deliberately avoid naming countries, lest this inevitably devolve into the standard “The United States vs. Country X” flamewar no one wants to have. It’s about manufacturers, and how they handle business, not countries.

I agree. They obviously want to just make money. Just like you guys said, they think of quantity over quality. I have heard great things about the L3, but I am thinking that is the only legitimate product, because even the creator apologized, and didnt mean for it to become available in the U.S.

Bootlegging yoyos is wrong, even if the yoyo is good, it is still wrong. I hope to never even touch a bootleg yoyo.

Where do you get an AODA yo-yo?

Just stick with the main company that makes the kind of yoyo, this AODA yoyos may not be as good, or may have some unknown flaw…

i agree with you guys and how come they dont get banned or anything?

How could you enforce that?

Well they are “banned” to a certain degree - you don’t see them sold on any of the professional yo-yo stores in the US (or the rest of the online stores internationally). For the most part people know that there is better quality with the original manufacturers. It hasn’t become a huge problem yet. Many contests have also taken a stand and require contestants to not use “Copied” yo-yos in competition.

I have an AODa Yoyo…
iTs gud…wen u buy 1 it has KOnkave bearing and silicon pads!!


Yes, DocRobot is right in my opinion about bootlegging, but I doubt the child labour thing. Because of the L3, which IS a very good player and HICO²’s yo-yos, which are produced by Auldey (but designed by Black Cement) make the company very contradictory one. :-\

Supposedly Auldey does not want to spend time designing and making their own yo-yos, but they make other peoples’ yo-yos well (like L3 and HICO²’s yo-yos like Virus and West Uranium). Don’t know why, but all their plastic yo-yos are not worth a buy. They should not even be bought because that would support the bootlegging business they are doing.

P.S. Auldey is a legitimate company, actually it is one of China’s biggest toy companies.