Bootleg yoyos not allowed in competition?

I’m wondering how strict this rule is. Are no bootlegs allowed at all? I want to buy a few cheap bootlegs of the same yoyo to use, since it’s 16$ to 200$. Also, how far does this extend? Are orignial Auldey designs, and Magic Yoyos allowed?

You can use any yoyo you want to in a competition as long as you use it for the style of yoyo play you compete in.

But honestly, you dont even have to do the style of yoyo play either, but youll score a zero.

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In competition, a yoyo is a yoyo.

And who’s enforcing that rule? Is there some panel that takes apart the yoyo to inspect it like a indy cart after the Indy 500?

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Never heard of a rule like that.
Sounds like an urban legend to me.

At the prelims for the NYC International Yo-Yo Open in 2008, I recall quite distinctly that bootleg yo-yos were not permitted onstage. That was when the only bootlegs in circulation were 888s and Dark Magics. Few people had them, and they played poorly (I don’t know why anyone would compete with them), but the rule was noted and enforced.

Since then, “bootleg yo-yos” have come a long way. At the time, it was seen as a means of protecting YYN’s interests, and relations with YoYoFactory and YoYoJam. I would say that today, Auldey and Magicyoyo are making distinct and new designs, and generally are no longer considered bootlegs.

Ok, I’m going to buy 3 Leviathan bootlegs to use lol. Mostly so I have 3 of the same yoyos, incase I mess up.

That way you can do 3a.

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If you want to steal that’s your choice, but openly promoting it on a forum isn’t something you need to do.

While you’re here, I am curious if there are any specific yo-yo brands/models that you honestly believe are copies of YoyoFactory designs. I am curious about the answer, because if others know which yo-yos you believe are bootlegs, they might avoid them. Perhaps there are none, I’m not sure. One of the problems with “bootlegs,” is that most people do not know they are bootlegs to begin with. Thanks.

It happened to me. I wanted to use aoda hill river but one of the judges told me not to use it. I insist that the yoyo is not a bootleg of anything but well you know how that ends. Magicyoyos are allowed since they are not considered bootlegs.

I’ve seen some bootleg genesis and supernovas on the net, pretty sure it’s the same brand as the one makin positron, leviathan, phenomizm, rextreme, etc bootlegs. Not trying to promote them though, they play like some 50+ metals to be honest (I tried my friend’s positron bootleg). Maybe they play a bit different than the real thing but I’m surprised that it plays really well, has no vibe, but priced cheaper than aodas. They are completely copied the design, unlike auldey or aoda which some of their yoyos are copied from a famous yoyo and then usually modify the shape a bit. The weight is different though, probably due to different material.

I like how it plays well but I hate it for copying the design. If only they step up their game making some “real” designs I’m pretty sure they will be as big as c3yoyodesign or something… they got some quality but not the mentality.

Kinda like you stole the Superwide and JK from Aoda, and the Avant Garde from Auldey?

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I think the extremely high prices of “legitimate” companies yoyos are the main contributors to why some chose bootlegs. Yeah I understand you have research and development cost and all that, but when a “bootleg” company can make a yoyo of the same exact quality and sell it for like 100$ less then there is some serious issues regarding price mark up.

oh man lol

Wait I just found a place with $55 slepnirs with YYE ase are these bootleg?

All licensed. Not the same as “steal”.


Lololol. Ben talking about stealing, that’s rich.

How’d he steal exactly, Ben? I think he probably paid for the yoyos. And he’s asking a question, not telling everyone to abandon YYF for the bootlegs. Trust me, I think you guys still have the monopoly on the market. No need to get your panties in a bunch.

I personally think that if you buy bootlegs, then good for you? I understand that companies feel ripped off, but you get what you pay for. My only problem with bootlegs is when people start to falsify that they are the legit, OG throw. But if you want to buy a bootleg sleipnir for 55$, go for it, you get what you pay for. Im not promoting bootlegs, but its a free country, you dont have to like that other people buy them, just dont go trying to rip others off with them. #knowtherealdeal #BST

Yeah, I just hashtaged on here…going to go study for my next class in a corner now; continue this thread that will become flaming…


p.s. I have never owned a bootleg, dont need to.

First, yyr and tp bootlegs play far from originals.

For price of three bootlegs you can probably find original, that will work for you better. And for contest, just use other competitive yoyos you own, you really don’t need 3 same yoyos for freestyle.

By buying bootlegs you “steel” money from original manufacturer, which spend them on new design and more importantly on sponsoring contests in which you want to compete with these bootlegs!!

Also nobody here is talking about aoda or magic yoyo being bootlegs, nowadays bootlegs are exact designs (qixia, 9.8yoyos) or even completly exactly looking yoyos (all these yyr and tp fakes ).

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You make it sound like you are innocent…

Can I say… Owned?