YYF Replay?


10 dollars sounds nice…  ;D
Midnight release!

On top is the Muffin Top made by Russ Andert
Bottom is the YYF Replay.

EDIT 2:  Ben came and cleared everything up.  They did NOT Copy this yoyo from Russ.  And there will be modifications made before the Replay comes out.


kinda looks like a white proto with really stupid cap/weight ring… but hey its 10 for what looks like a pretty good yoyo.


Is that rim thingy hollow? Can put weight ring on them in a unique way.
kinda look like plastic MVP.


Holy “Muffin top” Batman!!!

Looks like a plastic version of the “Muffin Top” by Russ Andert.


i tried a replay at worlds and it is awesome!!!

(BB) #6

i got one




I’m sorry but I’m not privi to all the stupid abbreviations these days.


Shake My Head. Merry Christmas.




I didn’t even know what that meant. or any other of the abbreviations, i’m only 15


Looks awesome, I’ll deffinitly buy one if if the specs are right for me. :wink:


I reckon it will be quite a good 5a yoyo!

(Walker, Yo-Yo Ranger) #14

why wouldn’t someone get this when just a YYF bearing is $10



(DOGS) #16

IMO YYF bearings arent WORTH $10…


Same for me. And it looks nothing, or plays nothing like a Duncan Wheels BTW.


lol its like an exact copy of the muffin top. just in plastic.


I own one of the replay protos and i must say for 10 bucks it is worth it! I think it has an unusual design and that even if it looks like this or that other yoyo someone else made I still like it and will be making a video this week showing it off in play. and it plays way better than a duncan wheel by the way :stuck_out_tongue:

(Walker, Yo-Yo Ranger) #20

I don’t like them much, either. I could pay an extra buck and get a terrapin X chrome bearing.