Beware of bootleg Yoyorecreation & Turning Point yoyos


Just a heads up. It came to my attention today that the use ereneren546 has been selling bootleg Yoyorecreation yoyos as legitimate Yoyorecreations on a different forum. Apparently he was using the money people sent him to buy them from the bootleg site in China and having them shipped directly to the buyers. From what I’ve gathered thus far, it seems that they can be told apart because the bootlegs have no box, a bigger axle, wider pads, a different sheen to them, and are in colorways that you don’t see on the YYR website – though some of the bootlegs are in official YYR colorways. I’ve included a picture of a legit and a bootleg half for reference. Just be on the lookout. Mad props to kbjork and Sunny for the info.

Yoyos I’ve been told are currently being bootlegged:
Leviathan II ; SİLVER , GOLD , PİNK , BLUE , RED
Sleipnir Take That ; SİLVER , RED
Shinya Kido Sleipnir ; BLUE



More pictures:

Here’s some comparison pictures of the engravings.






It makes me sad. Why can’t some people admit they will never be as good as YYR


The original post has been updated with comparison pictures of the engravings.


Man, they sure are getting bold about it too.

I mean, it’s one thing when they are bootlegging and selling it with a different brand and model(despite being a copy/bootleg), but now they are getting brash and completely misrepresenting the product. That’s not just bootlegging, that’s counterfeiting(passing off a copy as the real thing, where as a bootleg is merely an unauthorized copy not necessarily, think more along the lines of software/music/movie piracy).

Not to knock the Chinese, but if you get something into their hands, they are gonna replicate it. Shure took a big hit when the Chinese were selling unauthorized Shure mics(they still do, but it’s more controlled now). Disney trading pins and other Disney merch is made above contract requirements and the overage sold on the grey market. Amps, mixers and other audio accessories being sold on the cheap but often under the brand they were made for.

I hate to say it, but if we want to stop it, we have to wholesale pull out from China and accept the consequences back home: more jobs, more people working, more factories not rotting vacant, and perhaps a reasonable price hike.

I admit I ain’t without flaw. I have a Phenomizm bootleg, but it’s not being sold as a Phenomizm, it’s being sold as a different name and not trying to be passed off as a Phenomizm. Not to excuse this, but I will be purchasing a real Phenomizm within 45 days from YYE if the color I want is in stock.

(Jei Cheetah) #5

Ugh I hate when stuff like this happens cause it gets all the anti Chinese dweebs in on the hate, and there are quite a few.

All the cheese about “oh we gotta stop buying from China wah wah wah cry cry cry.”
Yeah, its sad that they bootleg stuff whatever, but they actually make some decent products out there, and face it, as long as something is functional, and cheap. People will buy it no matter where the hay they are from.

US makes stupid quality stuff anyways quite often. So hey hey take that America.

Idk, just ranting.



No need to do so, Josh. The point of my posting this was to inform folks. It can serve that purpose just as well locked.


Updated the info and thought I’d bump the thread once to make sure it comes to people’s attention. Be especially wary if the person says they don’t have the box.