HELP ! Did i just purchase a Yoyorecreation Bootleg?


I recently just made a purchase of Yoyorecreation Clash 2012, but I suspected that it is a bootleg.
I got it for 14800 yen, which is the original retail price.

The reason am suspicious is beacuse of its packaging. I currently own a Sleipnir and Laser which I purchased from yoyorecreation online store and the both have the same packaging (shown on the left).
However, the Clash packaging (seen on the right), instead of a black plastic thingy, the yoyo is covered by white cotton/foam or some sort of that. Also, the writing"yoyorecreation" is bigger and bolder. And the string included is not the usual plain white string from yoyorecreation.

Does anybody have a clash2012 as well? and how’s the packaging?

note:i’m sorry i dont know how to post a picture in a correct orientation


Where did you buy it? PM it to me since you’re not allowed to post it here.

But YYR used to use a white fluff in their boxes. They recently switched to the black inserts.

Seems legit to me.


YYR used to ship their boxes with cotton(which I thought was better personally) but now they ship it with the black thing like links said


I think it’s actually poly. Sorry, I had to throw it out there


Yep, you most likely didn’t get a bootleg. I have a triplet, and it came in a yyr box with white padded stuff(Like cotton) in it, instead of the black thing.


Thanks guys.
It actually plays great, and I got it from a very very trusted store.
(It is a store owned by a very famous Japanese yoyo player)

But I just didn’t mention it to prevent subjective opinion from you guys.

edit: just did some research and turn out the old yoyorecreation logo is the bigger and bolder one.




Looks fake. I’ll buy it for half of what you paid. :wink:



troll detected


no give it to me I’ll even throw in a chocolate bar.:slight_smile: