Turning Point 7075

What alloy are Turning Point yoyos made from? I heard it was 7075, and then somebody said 6065. Anybody know the truth?

my guess is 7075 since alot of made in japan throws are 7075

He emailed me back!!
Dear Zhorik,
Here is Kentaro’s comment.
All Turning Point yoyos are made from 6061 because I hated how the yoyo felt when they are made with 7075 ( I have done prototype with it before)

wtf why don’t they like the feel of a higher grade aluminum

Its not higher grade. Its just heavier, stronger, and doesnt take well to anodization.

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Wait. They’re not 7075?


I even dont know where this information about them being from 7075 came from. When YYR uses 7075, every other japanese company has to use it too?

Yes, a lower grade would have difference in consistency, and a lot of variation to the material, while higher grade would be much more consistent. This is a common misconception. 7075 IS NOT higher grade, it is just a different alloy.

My Turning Point throws feel plenty solid as it is. I suspect making them using the denser 7075 alloy would just turn them into bricks.

In any case, I’m not terribly fussed about the alloy as long as the throw is designed around it.


TP uses 6061.

Why they do not use 7075 is a choice that they have made. The anodizing reasoning does not make much sense since the colors on TP are much like those on YYR. I personally do not care what my Solenoid is made from, I love it.

The newest TP, the Isotope, uses 6061 and Stainless Steel rings. So generalizations are getting harder to make.

Haha yeh, either way I love my positron. It’s so weird about the colors though, if it’s 6061, why don’t they splash better? Like the all ones i have seen have a very boring simple splash. I love the splash on mine though, cause it makes all the dings invisible. :wink:

Does it matter? Judge a yoyo by its play, not its materials.

Bc its marble not splash :slight_smile:

Oh. So instead of splashing on paint, they leave paint off? Because the silver specks is the raw aluminum underneath.

No company has released a painted aluminum yoyo in years.