Turning point, YoyoRecreation, or Caribou Lodge?

Hey. All 3 of these brands are great, but what is your favorite brand out of all 3? Just curious.
Please post why you like them to keep this thread alive!

TP: the extremely high quality built and play.

CLYW: the “soul” feeling… if some knows what i’m referring at, it has that “im alive” call to them

I used to own a Messiah and loved it. It weighed I think 68 grams and was 49.5mm? Played nothing like it’s weight felt like it played super fast and light it was any amazing competition style throw.

For CLYW I own a Cliff. Right now it’s probably my favorite yoyo along with my Majesties. It is oversized but plays super floaty is great for horizontal and comfortable in the hands (if your hands arnt very large).

The only brand I own of those is CLYW. I love my Chief, it’s such a great yoyo.

clyw is really homey to me

I played with a TP Basilisk at a meet once. It was definitely a nice yoyo.

I own 3 CLYW’s and have played with many more. I love them for their smoothness & styling.

I just recently purchased a YYR. Although it is not as smooth as some of my CLYWs, it is faster, more stable, and spins longer.

I put my vote on YYR.

TP Maxbet.

And YYR: the perfect combination of the two! :slight_smile:

But for real, I love all 3 companies. Of the three YYR is my favorite with CLYW in a close second. I’ve found that every single yoyo I’ve tried from YYR I love, but not so much with CLYW.

YYR all the way.

Have you tried a Sleipnir? You’ll never look back.

lol at all the CLYW votes by kids who have never played a YYR or TP, or if they have it was probably a beat Sleipnir or Messiah for 30 seconds at a meet once. If you haven’t played all 3 extensively then don’t vote, it’s simple. If you do have experience and still prefer CLYW that’s fine, although you’re wrong. :wink:

i have experience with all three i like the simplicity and elegance of yyr and the amazing quality of play

^ that right there

people, we’re not asking you to click on the brand you own because you could afford it, we asking experimented players that have played at least 2 of the brands so that they can COMPARE and PICK the one they like most

idealy, i shouldn’t even have voted since i played too little with YYR, but because i know a lot of TP and CLYW i decided to vote ether way.

I can’t decide between em!:slight_smile:

Turning Point for me…
The build quality is outstanding.

But I don’t own one myself. :’(

I prefer the lodge out of these. They’re more rustic and stuff

P.S. have played a TP and a YYR.

Haven’t played all three, but based on marketing definitely gonna go CLYW, and my Avalanche is the greatest thing in my yoyo collection.

Tie between CLYW and YYR. CLYW has that homey feel, but YYR has that beautiful elegance and amazing competition play that can’t be matched anywhere.

YYR has lowered their prices, which makes them a little bit easier on the wallets. Their throws are out of this world insane. Classy, sharp, and clean looking, YYRs outplay any yoyo I have ever tried.

CLYW comes in a close second, only because of their prices.

CLYW nuff said…

Have you tried the other two?

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