CLYW and The Maple Syrup feel

So theres always a back and forth argument going on about which company is better and blah blah blah. Now I’m not saying CLYW is better in anyway I just wanted to put my experience out there. When I pick up a YYF shutter and I throw it I go wow this is a great yoyo I could use this in a competition I can do all my best tricks on it this is a great yoyo.

When I pick up my Chief I go wow this yoyo’s great I can do all the tricks I want with it I could compete with it its amazing but there’s also an extra felling of happiness when I pick it up. I don’t know what it is but I think it because CLYW uses Maple syrup in the production of there yoyo’s not just any maple syrup but Canadian maple syrup.

Now I’m not saying CLYW throws are better a YYF throw is as good as a CLYW throw in every way (minus the death grip bearing seats they can be kinda annoying) but play on the string is just as good. I love my yoyo factory throws a lot but theres just something about picking up a CLYW yoyo that makes me feel extra happy.

What are you guy’s thoughts?

not sure if srs

I agree, the buttery smooth maple syrup is what makes the yoyos buttery smooth as well. They do a great job!

Well; come to think of it; a few of my CLYW yoyos feel fat and slippery when I throw them: Cliff, Arctic Express, BVM2,.

So Chris much Soak some of them in ‘Canadian Bacon’.

Not sure if I am srs though.

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I got the maple syrup analogy from Steve Brown but its so true

when i first saw this i thought are they going to poor maple syrup on a yoyo… MINDBLOWN

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How dare you say that CLYW yoyos are better than Yoyofactory yoyos!

agreed! made in china > made in usa all day!

because 28 stories

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Haha epic sarcasm warning.

I used to think it was called 28 stories because there were 28 stories that some ancient Chieften once told at a Powwow. Like, “the 28 stories of Chief ___” lol…

Then I saw the blood and the sky and the clouds. Yup

After letting my girlfriend’s 8 year old play with mine all weekend it definitely has a sticky, maple syrup texture to it…


Are you saying that Yoyofactory is made in china and CLYW is made in the usa?

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LOL :smiley:

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He says clearly That CLYW is not better in any way…

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CLYW and YYF are just as good as eachother as far as tricks and stuff go CLYW just feels extra special to me

And I 100% agree with you I love all of mine for different reasons even my Glacier express! :slight_smile:

Yea I love my Chief and marmont 2 for different reasons aswell I also really like my yyf primo and cypher

I seriously believe a factor here is how much the person spends on said yoyo. If the shutter were $160 I’d bet more people would say it’s just as special as a chief. I think it’s more of a placebo affect but that’s just an opinion.

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That does make sense actually I don’t think thats the whole reason but I do see what you mean