Turning point, YoyoRecreation, or Caribou Lodge?

Or have you even tried that many clyw? Sorry if I sound mean, just know that you pretty much only have a dv888

No, they haven’t changed anything. They’re still Y14,800… Only thing that’s changed is the exchange rate, which obviously YYR has nothing to do with, but yes it is nice to get an amazing 7075 Japanese throw for less than a CLYW.

“They are designed to be best spinning and performing yo-yos for the competition scene. They are not designed to spin smoothly or elegantly. They might vibrate after unscrewing/screwing once or twice…they are sold for pros, not for the collectors or amateurs.”

Doesn’t sound too enticing to me.

The vibe they get is very minor and only happens on some models. It is a pulsing vibe that is not felt on the string.

If it was a CLYW with the same vibe, it would be described as “having character”

CLYW is like an Aston Martin. Gorgeous, smooth, and high performance.
YYR is like a Formula 1 car. Not for the faint of heart. ;D

For me TP is winner here, even though their yo-yos are quite similiar ( I have problem teling them apart in real life :slight_smile: ), they just play awesome(you have to try Isotope and Basilisk) and build quality is just unmatched. Plus I really like Kentaro after I get to know him in person.

YYR are just as good playing, their models are more different from each other, but I was not so much impressed with their build quality and I dont have as much experience with them as with TP.

Clyw, I somehow liked Avalanche, but all newer models never impressed me. And now since price is comparable to Japanese brands, I dont think there is any reason left why I would go for Clyw.

TP and YYR always feel special and just in higher league in play, Clyw is just another good brand, but nothing outstanding. Just how I see it.

lol they’re just saying the same thing every other company should. Personally i’ve never had any issue with them and don’t really know anyone who has, so that’s more of a CYA thing, it’s not like you unscrew them and they become terrible, they always play the exact same to me, sometimes even smoother, although they’re all pretty much dead smooth from the get go.

CLYW throws do seem to have a bit more ‘character’ to them in that they’re not all designed to be absolute competition beasts (not that they can’t be used to win comps) but rather to be a bit more fun. YYR and TP seem to gear their throws (with a few exceptions) towards pure competition play. I find my YYR throws to feel a bit more different to each other than my TP throws that all seem to feel kind of the same. Not to say that TP throws are bad. They’re fantastic and the build quality is top notch, I just find them a bit boring compared to their YYR counterpart. That and I just love the shine of anodised 7071 much better than anodised 6065.

For the record, I own 6 CLYW (7 if you count the OD collab Summit), 4 Turning Point, and 9 YYR (with three more on the way courtesy of a mystery box).


That’s not something YYR puts out, it’s a statement one of their resellers makes. Also, it is in regard to earlier run E=mc^2s and Blinks, from about 2009. It doesn’t apply to any of their newer yoyos.

congrats, you’re actually THE most useful comment of this whole topic , the votes don’t mean anything as 80% of them don’t own much TP or YYR anyway

Haha, True!
But i corrected a little bit

Each of these companies make yoyos that are just as capable as the the other two companies’ yoyos. The only thing that matters here is preference. So, there is no invalid choice.

-lodge/outdoor theme
-and of course, quality

If I can threadjack for a moment: what is the finish like on YYR? In pictures most of the throws seem kind of shiny and not necessarily grind-friendly. Not that you need grinds (I don’t see that many grinds in high-level competition these days) but just as a point of reference for what the surface feels like for most YYR throws.

If it varies from yoyo to yoyo, then I guess the question still applies but specifically for the Sleipnir.

I do find that super-smooth “grind-friendly” finishes give a bit of a “plasticky” impression, whereas shinier finishes (like that of the Capless) tend to give a “high quality, real metal” feeling. Just trying to get a feel for if the finish is part of what contributes to this impression of YYR’s quality…?

It’s pretty shiny, although they have released some throws with blasted finishes, but they’re not too common. The way they play is the main thing that gives them the impression of quality imo.

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They do have a smooth finish, but I can still get 5-7 second finger grinds with my Clash2012.

Turning point: I have a positron. It’s great.
CLYW: I have a Chief. It’s really good as well.
In the end, I’d have to go with CLYW. It’s just the feel I get when I throw anything from them. It’s amazing.

OP, why not go with your local brand: General Yo.

Local to who? There’s tons of American companies…

OP’s profile says he’s from Long Beach, which isn’t far from Riverside, Genyo’s HQ.

Today Kentaro borrowed me his new heavier Isotope, most impressive yo-yo I ever throw, just awesome. Buy it when you get chance!