C3Yoyo Design Capsule 2 Review by NJStringer


C3Yoyo Design Capsule 2 Review by NJStringer

Capsule 2 Specs:
Butterfly shape
68 grams
55.40 mm diameter
41.45 mm width
4.20 gap
Stock Bearing: C size Center Trac bearing
Stock Response System: 19mm slim pad response
Material: aluminum
Price at time of review: $110 (excludes shipping costs)

And just for those who were wondering:

Original Capsule Specs:
Butterfly shape
67.3 grams
56.43 mm diamter
41.86 mm width
5.16 gap
Stock Bearing: C size 8 ball bearing
Stock Response: silicone sticker

In the Box:
C3Yoyo Design Capsule 2
1 poly string

The review Capsule 2 I received was the purple/pink/yellow acid wash and right out of the package I realized, once again, why C3Yoyo has such a wonderful reputation - they really do go out of their way to keep the designs fresh from the overall build to the colorways and even the finer details such as the engraving. Like many of the throws offered by C3Yoyo the Capsule 2 is adorned with the name on one half and the C3Yoyo Design “Hong Kong” on the other. The colorways are all amazing and will truly stand out in your collection. I personally have always found C3Yoyo colorways to be some of the most brilliant and impressive color combinations and coming from an art background I can definitely tell that thought went into each combo. As always, nothing short of amazing! So you can take your pic even though all of the colorways are totally unique…but here are your options so far: blue/green acid wash, red/yellow acid wash, blue/aqua acid wash, purple/pink/yellow acid wash and the black with pink speckle which is also the World’s Edition and probably getting harder to find.


Much like its predecessor, the original Capsule, as well as some of the other classically shaped C3Yoyo’s the Capsule 2 is a homage to the beauty of simplicity coupled with the more modern aesthetics when you view the bowl section. Build is solid and the refined machining process, quality raw materials and attention to detail are truly felt in the finished product. I definitely noticed the added 2 grams of weight in comparison to its cousin the Capless and the additional weight does truly add to the overall feel, heft and confidence on a throw. Some people don’t notice these differences while others do. I fall into the latter category and minor changes in a throw can truly make a world of difference in how it handles and feels in hand. The Capsule 2 is refined and solid and there is absolutely no doubt that this is a piece of finely machined, yoyo mastery. It is because of yoyos like the Capsule that I have moved back from the more radical designs and have begun to appreciate the classic butterfly shape that has brought us all to where we are in terms of being throwers. The weight is distributed across the two halves over a comfortable diameter and width which create a pleasing, throw finger hugging design. I have moderately sized hands and the Capsule 2 feels at home in my palm. Now before anyone decides to argue that this resembles the Capless, the differences between the Capless and Capsule 2 visually are minor but again you can’t judge by looks alone. That type of thinking has gotten me in plenty of trouble with girls and in the end you really do have to take the time to play this yoyo rather than judge it based on a different offering by the same company. Again, physics play a huge role in how a throw will play and when you consider the size of a yoyo and the dynamics at play those seemingly minor alterations translate to a big difference at the end of the string. So now, on to the build…When you look at the frontal view of the Capsule 2, the curving lines of the butterfly shape are just totally organic and amazingly comfortable. One of the great things about the current technology is that machining today is advanced enough to allow for more harsh designs to be softened. The Capsule 2 at first glance would appear to have a 2 step catch zone but when you look closely there is actually a 3 step zone there that is a very gradual transition hidden by the gentle curvature from one step to the other before hitting the third, small step just before the the minimal wall. Aesthetically beautiful and functionally brilliant. The outer rim transitions over a small curve to the bowl section which is made up of several facets and steps into one of the smallest, functional IGRs that I have ever seen. Now, C3Yoyo is the only company I have seen capable of creating such minimalistic IGRs that actually work. Many companies create huge IGRs to ensure that they work and to also make the player realize that there is indeed an IGR in the bowl. Here on the Capsule 2, I would have never thought an IGR was part of the design but the small bolstered section held on quite well on a thumb grind. Past the IGR the bowl sweeps up to a small bevel that leads to the center impression of the bowl so there is no hub spike for matador play. Overall, another winning design from C3Yoyo!

On a Throw:

Now, the Capsule 2 is one of several C3Yoyo’s I have reviewed to date and I must start off by saying that C3Yoyo does create some impressively functional yoyos encased in stunning design. The Capsule 2 immediately did remind me, as it will others, of the Capless but once I threw it I realized that this was an entirely different beast. The added weight and differences in width, diameter and gap width change the play and as I stated you can’t judge this yoyo based on a comparison to either the original Capsule nor the Capless…they are 3 totally different yoyos. The stability at the end of the string makes one respect the engineering that went into creating this throw. It really is that stable. No vibe, no weird pulse…smooth play from beginning to end of any transition. The rim weight distribution makes for amazing spin time while the gap width makes for tight binds while not interfering with layers of string on more complex moves. The surface of the Capsule 2 has that familiar finish that feels smooth and yet grinds like a well blasted yoyo…another design feat that few producers can pull off. One of the things that I love about C3Yoyo is that I can play an incredible yoyo that never breaks my strings…this is the difference between blasting and finishing techniques that is sometimes overlooked and can create very unhappy players. This is a medium to fast playing yoyo in my hands and I need to note that this is something that I’ve noticed some players put much stock in without considering that the way a yoyo plays can be rather subjective. So generally I would consider the Capsule 2 to play fast but if you have control and finesse you can play it with a more floaty feel…it is more dependent upon your skill and your level of control. During fast play, the Capsule 2 seems like it has a built in string-sensing sonar as I never missed the string. Throwing is an art and a skill so having the proper tool at hand is always going to make life easier. The Capsule 2 is one of those yoyos that definitely makes play fun and achieving those new maneuvers a little easier. The catch zone is nice and wide, the stability and rim weight make for wonderful, vibe free spin time, the finish is incredible and beautiful…I wish I designed this thing myself!

Stock Bearing and Response:

C3Yoyo really aims to partner beautiful design aethetics and build with playability and stability. It is with this in mind that bearings are chosen which compliment the overall playability of the throw that they are putting on the market. The Capsule 2 comes stock with a center trac bearing which I’ve always seen as the only bearing that decreases string-wall contact while offering more of the benefits of a flat bearing over other string-centering bearings. In the Capsule 2 the gap size lends to the inclusion of the center trac bearing but you definitely won’t lose anything in terms of play should you switch out the bearing. I played with grooved and flat bearings as well and I must note that the play can then be customized for your own personal style. The stock response offered by C3Yoyo Design is the 19mm slim pad which is incredibly convenient to change and still allows for a response groove large enough to work with flowable to further tune your throw. Slim pads are really a wonderful response system that are consistent from pair to pair in terms of break in period, binds and overall response.

In the End:

Some things in life yield to modern design bringing with them a sense of hard lines, flashy colors and a feeling of total immersion in newness. Yet, others tend to honor the classic, time honored taste and flow that brings us back to where the yoyo was born from; a true design that is a homage to curves, to stability and to the aspects of simplicity that bring to mind the other finer classics like Porsche and Leica…two classic companies (that I love) who realized long ago that style and simplicity of their time honored design were in a sense infinite. C3yoyo design has done just this with the yoyo. The Capsule 2 has evolved but with the heart of the original Capsule enclosed in its newly emerged design and as always C3Yoyo has the players interests and desires in mind.


Didn’t feel the need to read the entire thing since I’ve owned a Capsule 2 before, but I’d suggest breaking up some of the sections into different paragraphs. Some people might be put off by the big walls of text.

Beautiful pics, though!


Yup, paragraph breaks help way more than you would think! And they emphasize that a new point is being made:
"…throw finger hugging design. I have moderately sized hands and the Capsule 2 feels at home in my palm.

Now before anyone decides to argue that this resembles the Capless…"[/i]

You finish talking about the shape and design, and then move into a new point about comparisons to the Capless. This is better emphasized with a new paragraph!

Great review, though, and as LL said, beautiful pics!


Thanks to you both!

I write professionally for other topics which sometimes pushes my yoyo reviews back a bit…so rushing the job to get it out sometimes means having to do just that…get them written and posted ASAP.

And, mostly no one ever complains since the content is what they want…but input is always appreciated!


Yeah, I could care less about the grammar…the content and pics are awesome (as usual) and the info provided is top notch too.

Great review! Can’t wait for the next!


umm…if i remember correctly paragraphs are up to the writer really…just like when someone says a paragraph needs to be so many sentences…it doesn’t matter at all. and the grammar isn’t an issue at all…have you even read his reviews? they read like just what he is, a PROFESSIONAL writer so you’re actually getting a real review by someone who knows how to write and make it easy to read and appealing. So what if the paragraphs are large, doesn’t that just mean more information about the throw you are considering buying? NJStringer gets asked to do these reviews…he isn’t just putting them out there but doing it upon request by the company owners so obviously they see something in his work that is worth the request.


Dudes, constructive criticism isn’t meant to be taken harshly, and I genuinely don’t think it was. I won’t bother listing all my credentials and experience (because I don’t want to seem like I’m one-upping or anything… NJStringer certainly wasn’t calling anyone out!) but suffice it to say I am a professional writer and editor as well.

All writers have editors. And all writers (and editors!) appreciate and benefit from different sets of eyes on their work. And none of them think they’ve done a perfect job (well, some writers do… lots of ego in that business sometimes!). I get that it wasn’t a paid piece of work (and therefore not needing the same scrutiny), and I passed along my compliments along with my suggestion.

Brice, you said it yourself, though… “easy to read”. It would be easier to read with more paragraph breaks. That’s all. Don’t try to make our suggestion out to be more ill-intentioned than it was (it wasn’t at all, so even suggestion it was vaguely negative is already taking it too far)!


Wow, definitely didn’t expect all of this at all. I was, by no means, offended in any way by the comments and I appreciate the constructive criticism; writers and artists learn to live by criticism and are more often than not the most harsh critics of their own work. I am no different.

I don’t find the comment negative at all and with this being a piece of work that I had little time to do, as I try to stick to deadlines I set for myself, I opted to simply post it; my hopes being simply “The sooner, the better…”

So, no worries, no offense taken. I’m glad people read and appreciate my reviews…even the ones that I push out a tad faster than others.