C3yoyo design Capless - quick review


This yo kills it. Thanks C3yo…

This yoyo has an amazing acid wash ano that is also hard… Great for thumb grinds. Also, the inner walls feel smooth and are also good for grinding on fingers or in palm. The yo holds its plane and is very stable. The balance of this yoyo design feels perfect. It’s a little on the lite side, but I feel it’s just heavy enough to play fast while retaining great spin times. The huge gap feels fine during mid air binds and during most other binds. I’m loving this throw and for $65 I’m hugely impressed, this could easily be sold for much much more. The stock bearing is superb, and plays quiet and perfect right out of the box. However, I love crucial bearings so I’ve plopped one o them in there and it plays even better.

I may update this with a full review soon, but for now, this yoyo is crazy good.

Pics in Dropbox:


Awesome. I def had my doubts with this yoyo.


Man… If the addiction2 or speedfreak is your jam, you’ll probably love the hell out of the Capless. I love the addiction2 and speedfreak by the way.


Great. It was between capless and E1NS