C3 yoyodesign TridenT

 Ok, I am yet to see a full review for this yoyo so  I am going to ne the first one to write one on this great yoyo.  Sorry, but I won't be able to post any pictures.

 To start of I would like to say that the anodization is amazing.  I got the blue with gold splash.  This is probably the best splash I have seen on a non-clyw yoyo.  The only bad thing is that dings stand out like a white dot on a black paper.  It has superb grinding surface.  If you feel the grinding area it feels like it has little lines like on the markmont next.  This are hardly noticeable and hard to see.  The yoyo is undersized.  It has a nice wide gap but has an extremely small diameter.  It surprised me, but it really grows on you.

 This yoyo handles anything, but I think that it does horizontal style like no other.  It seems as if you can stop in the middle of a horizontal trick for a second or so and then resume.  It has helped me to get better at horizontal.  

 This yoyo has a very nice shape, but it feels kind of weird in your hand.  Don't worry, you get used to it.  If you get it spinning fast and bind it back, then it ever so slightly stings.  This isn't a big problem at all. Do not let this deter you from purchasing this yoyo.  

 When you play with this yoyo it feels light, but not too light. This yoyo can go as fast as you want it to while still remaining stable.  If you simply just drop it you can still go really fast.  I am yet to have this yoyo roll out of spin while going fast.  This yoyo isn't just a fast yoyo it also can go smooth and steady.  

 In closing I would like to mention how amazing this yoyo is.  It may be a little pricey at 125 dollars, but this yoyo will reset your opinion on what an awesome yoyo is.  This yoyo will handle anything you throw at it.  I recommend it highly.


Ok, This is still a fantastic yoyo, but when I wrote this review I didn’t know this, but the bearing seat is the tightest thing on the planet. My dad could barely get it out using pliers. Other than that it is still the best yoyo I have ever played with.


clap clap very good reveiw


are the caps removable?


There are not any caps.