So, I made my first YoYo

And it’s a little heavy…

Back to the drawing boards. (actually to the tooling catalogs, since I just don’t have the tools to remove any more metal)

This started out as a 2" bar of Titanium…

What should I be shooting for, 65-70 grams?

Yeah, that’s a little heavy. 65-70 would be a good weight. Looks nice though.

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It looks really nice for a home-brew design, really what it does look like is a Wing Shaped Bth.

162.5g?! Dang, I bet that thing is as stable as the Norwegian economy. How does it play? Floaty?


mmmmmmm…North Sea Oil. ;D

I’m not going to lie, this literally made me die


Man, I can do like 3 tricks, none of them created in the last century or so.

I wouldn’t know about floaty!

I know I can get 30 second+ spins out of it though.
Longest I have ever personally got.

New tooling will arrive this week, so I should have a refinement.

My drawings indicate I should be in the 67-68 gram range.

I’d envision the thing could probably sleep much more longer than 30 seconds for a Yo-Yo of that weight, maybe like 10+ minutes with the right bearing and response system integrated. lol

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And for info purposes, this is running what I have discovered is a “C” sized baring, with silicone O-Ring response.

All of my upcoming projects will likely follow this mold while I learn about community etiquette and what I can/can’t use.
Bearings, response systems etc… that people before me have come up with…

Oh, it might spin a lot longer, in the hands of someone skilled.

I am not that guy though!

I’m good at making stuff, not necessarily using it.

Then who was post?

That looks like a great first shot at making a yoyo, my first try would be a lot worse


It looks great. I’d love to give it a throw just to see what a 162.5g yoyo feels like.

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I think you are almost there…

Just shave a 100 grams off the sides.

Piece a cake


Other than the fact that I have to duct tape my finger so that it doesn’t have all circulation cut off, I actually like it!

Doubt it would be worth a darn at doing tricks though…

I’d shoot for:
60-70 Grams
35mm-45mm wide
50-60mm in diameter

Yep, easy peasy.

Just gotta spend a few hundred dollars on new tools.

And, you know, another $100 worth of Titanium to test it…

Well, other than the weight, I’m right in there.

37.5 mm wide
50mm diameter

I gotta run down to the shop in a minute to repair a dishwasher part for the house.

I’ll run the 2nd op on a couple of Aluminum parts I made, and we’ll see how much closer to spec they are.

I’m guessing we’ll be right at 100g still though.

I just don’t have the right tool to hog out the inside of these yet.

Cup looks like a bear trap and profile looks like an Entheos. Looks awesome, I’d love to give it a throw, great job!


I’m new to the community, so I don’t know the people, or their trustworthiness, etc…

In my normal life, pass-arounds are not uncommon.

How about in the YoYo world?

What the heck is a pass-around…? :wink:

It’s kind of uncommon, but not unheard of. Most people don’t send share yoyos for the reason that you don’t know how the person will treat it.