C3YoYoDesign TOKEN

This is my first review ever. So may the heavens be merciful…
Diameter: 47 mm
Width: 1.49 inches
Gap Width: .15 inches
Weight: 66.5 grams
Bearing Size: Size C (.250 x .500 x .187)
Axle: 8 mm
Response: 19mm Slim Pad

This is a yoyo I’ve been wanting to get since it came out. I remember the main reason I wanted it was because of the aggressive “V” shape which are rare for undersized yoyos. The price was very, VERY, reasonable, so I picked one up.
I came home early that night, grabbed the keys, and sprinted like a 5 year old to the mailbox. As I was galloping, there was thoughts going through my head, “was it there?” “Did that dirty old mailman steal it?” “Did he put it in the wrong box?” and so on. Nervously unlocked my Mailbox And there it was.
So I get home, tear up the box and see the C3 box. That is one thing I love about C3 is their minimalist cloudy plastic boxes. Now onto the play. First thing I noticed was the absolutely stunning ano. The colors just melt and fade away from each other. I was amazed how smooth it was on a good throw. But on a bad one you can’t even tell the blob at the end of the string is a yoyo. So don’t throw bad. :smiley:

On a Throw, there is a slight thunk at end of the string, although it doesn’t bother me, it might cut the deal for others. This is not a floaty yoyo neither is it that rim weighted. I guess it’s a little on the more solid side. You would have to try one to understand. This thing is extremely heavy for a small yoyo. Almost seems like it’s made out of lead. It’s heavier than the Chief. Yep you heard right, HEAVIER. And it fits inside of the Chief. :o Although the Chief isn’t a heavyweight itself it’s extremely odd. I am able to pull off almost all my tricks with out any problems. Any tricks that require rubbing or scraping on the yoyo aren’t easy. For example Eclipse. The spin time is O.K. for a small yoyo. Clocked in at about a minute. My combos had to be cut short. Like a lot. I switched from 5 min flowy combos with my norm. yoyo, to 30 sec Asian lightning style. I have to say this yoyo probably doubled my speed and accuracy. That mommas like lightning on the string. And now for the response, it’s just a normal CBC pad. Nice and grippy. I had one pad pop out on me. I still have bruise on my arm.

Is this yoyo worth the price? A resounding “Heck Yes!” to that. This yoyo has been a extremely fun and challenging, and like I said probably doubled my skill. I doubt you can get much better for a 30 dollar metal. I hope you enjoyed my review!
P.S. Much better with a Central Trac Bearing
P.S.S. Kudos to YYE for shipping so dang fast.
Criticism and Advice on review wanted!

Very accurate review. I got one a couple months ago.

Nice observations. Heavy for its size. Thunks at the end of the string. Smooth. Stunning anno. Great price point.

Agreed, it plays much better with a string-centering bearing due to its raised response pads (occasionally binds on a grind) and small size (prone to tilt on fast combos). I have a KK in mine, and unexpected binds go away and the yo-yo tilts less. I rarely like KK better than flat, but this is one of those cases.

I would put the gap width and width in mm. Personally, I never use the term “floaty”, because “rim-weighted” and “floaty” are not necessarily opposites and especially because the term is subjective/undefined.

Hmm, “cloudy”… I like “frosted”! :wink:

Excellent review!

Excellent review! And it matches up EXACTLY with my experience. Except for the 5 min combo. I’ve never had one of those. :wink:

Nice review! I just wanted to say that your username reminded me of my last name, Zinn. :stuck_out_tongue:

When I was younger I used to be into ninja’s and stuff. So on forums I named myself zhoriktheninja then zhorikninja then zninja and finally znin. and that’s what I use to this day. ;D