C3 YoyoDesign Speedaholic Review

I bought this yoyo approximately 5 minutes after I saw it, I had to have it. For 12 dollars (Price went back up to 13 dollars because of glitch) it looked amazing.

Is it worth the money? How is it compared to other yoyos in the price range? Find out by reading this review.


Diameter: 54.76 mm / 2.15 inches
Width: 45.86 mm / 1.80 inches
Gap Width: 4.23 mm / .166 inches
Weight: 67 grams
Bearing Size: Size C (.250 x .500 x .187)
Response: 19 mm - Slim Pad

First Impressions and Appearance:

It comes with a normal C3 box. I opened the box. The yoyo was stuck onto a card type thing that made it so the yoyo doesn’t rattle in the box. In a little plastic sleeve is a Yellow Kitty String. The first thing I noticed was the color, it is crystal clear plastic. It is shiny and glossy. It looks great. It has 2 stickers on each side. One on the rim and one on the hub, covering the axle / nut. It looks great, for sure.

It has a wide, rounded shape. It feels good in the hand. It is also significantly wider than most of my collection. In the inner rim, there is a groove which I assumed was for thumb grinds.


The big question, is it a good performer? How does it play? How does it play compared to other yoyos in the price range? To all these questions, I can honestly say it is a great performer and is without a doubt, it is one of the best in the price range.

On the string, it feels lightweight. If I didn’t know better, I would have assumed that it weighed 64-65 grams. It feels “Floaty”, but it carries momentum well, it can keep a good pace. It feels light, but the extra weight it has gives it some extra momentum, making it one of the best plastic yoyos for flow tricks. It can definitely accelerate to high speeds. There is no real emphasis on rim weight, but stays balanced.

Compared To Other Yoyos In The Price Range:

It dominates them all (Excluding the Yoyojam Surge). It is smooth and plays great. Something I am really happy about is the weight. On most yoyos under 15 dollars, the yoyo is 64 grams or less, making the yoyo light and unstable, meanwhile this yoyo has a solid weight and keeps a good balance on the string.


There isn’t much left to be said in the end, but overall, this is probably my favorite yoyo for 13 dollars so far. There aren’t many better options out there besides the Yoyojam Surge.

Please leave feedback! Thanks for reading :slight_smile:

Great review!!! I like the pictures. I like reviews to be short and sweet but with good info and you nailed it!!

Is it smooth? And how would you say the Surge is better? Because I pretty much hated the Surge. Also, if you’ve played an Alpha Crash, could you compare it to that?

Good review.


If you want me to be honest, it is rather short because I had to rewrite it. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes, mine was dead smooth stock.

I have yet to try a Alpha Crash :-\

Nice review! Good to hear that you liked it. How would you compare it to the surge?

They play completely different.

What are the other 2 yoyos in the last picture, YYF One and? Do you know if all C3 Yoyo’s include Kitty String or is this specific to the Speedaholic? Also, thanks, you are making it really hard for me NOT to spend more money than I had planned to on Friday.

I’m getting one now ._.

The yellow yoyo was a Yoyojam Classic.

do u think it would be good for 3a? how about horizontal? im thinking of getting both a pair of alpha crashes and this or something… only thing i know is that the speedaholic can also fingerspin (david molnar did it at EHYYC, which i think is East Hungarian YoYo Competition or something)

Yeah it’d be good for 3a.

It doesn’t handle horizontal very well, but it is possible.

Ah, I don’t know about the horizontal. I saw a video of Shinya on Instagram and it looked good…

Finger spins are definitely possible on the speedaholic. They’re actually quite easy to do. Horizontals are okay I guess. The string tends to rub though. I posted a video of David Molnar absolutely killing it with the Speedaholic in the video section. Sorry for shamelessly throwing that in. It’s relevant though.

Would u pick it over the Alpha Crash for 3A?

Again, I never tried an Alpha Crash, but this would be good for 3a.

I agree feels very nice. Will get more. I always want one in my holster.

I got 15 speedaholics on their way. 5 red 5 clear 5 blue~
Probably never gonna play another yoyo after these guys, they’re insane!

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Is it really good for 5a?

probably. I’ll post a 5a review once I get my hands on these babies