Anybody Else pumped for the C3 Speedaholic ?

Any body else excited for this yoyo? I know I am. At $12 this thing looks like a steal, I plan on ordering 2 maybe 3 at that price. Anybody else plan on getting one?

Looks great! Looks like it rocks 5a as well…

Of course it’ll rock. Make some weight rings for that sucker and it’d be a sleep monster.

Cant beat that price!

$12, wow! Last time I heard price was generalized at under $20.
I’m excited, but I don’t know when I will be buying one. Hope those in for the release are willing to do some reviews. Hint hint…

No, I’m not, but it looks like a pretty good deal.

I want to get one, but i’m going to wait till my brother’s arrives.

Played a proto and loved it.

Yes I want one. It isn’t my top priority but for 12 bucks I’m sure ill get one eventually.

It’s in stock now!

Ditto on this!! I am grabbing one tomorrow!! I will post pics and thoughts over the weekend.

Based on what I thought throwing the proto around… I think this will be a winner.

YES. Over 300 in stock so there should be a bunch left when I get back from vacation. I want 3 but don’t know if I should buy 2 a bundle of kitty…

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Heads up - there was a slight pricing mistake. We did make them available for $12 for the first hour - but actual price is now $13.50. Sorry for the confusion - to those who grabbed one early - you got an even better deal! :wink:

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Curious? Since the yoyo already weighs 67 grams, how exactly would you go about ‘adding weight rings’?

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Sweet! Thanks for the link.

I’m not really sure how I could possibly make that statement more clear.

67 + ring weight makes it really heavy and sounds very much to my liking! :slight_smile:

I don’t think you could possibly make your statement more clear.

I didn’t say I didn’t understand your statement. I asked how you would do it?

Let me change my question. What would you feel the final weight to be?

For a guy that has never made or modded yoyos for sale, I have probably cut more yoyos for custom machined weight rings, than anybody in the Entire United States.

Examples of my work are on display in the National Yoyo Museum.

If you were just having an Internet pipe dream, that is fine.

But since you said something that is possible, why don’t you just give me a final Maximum weight?

I will do a few just to see how they play.



Nick was making a joke as far as I can tell. Crazyshanky2 made a comment about it rocking. Nick then made his comment. I guess something being a rock is more a newer metaphor for something being heavy. Which is the correlation between nicks joke and the other guy saying it rocks. If that clears it up for you.