Yeah3 Review


So this is my first ever review and It wont be very long…

Alright, unboxing… My first thought was the packaging seemed pretty nice. As this was my very first c3. Then I noticed the finish. I’m not very sure what the finish is but its beautiful. I got the half red and half blue. It feels so smooth and soft. Then the shape caught my eye, they call it the double V if I remember correctly? The size felt perfect!

The first throws. So I kep the stock bearing in it for the first throw. It felt fast and had a touch of vibe to it. It started to kinda bother me, so then I swapped my Def e yo ceramic bearing into it and it felt amazing! The vibe went away and the speed picked up. The shape of the YoYo makes for such an amazing catch zone. I’m able to do my tricks with such ease.

Side ways play. What they designed the YoYo around. I personally have never tried much before, but I picked up a few tricks fast. The YoYo has such amazing balance, How the YoYo leaves your hand is how it stays.

The weight. I want to say the weight is around 67 grams, Correct me if Im wrong. But I thought the YoYo would have more of a Solid feel. But really it doesnt, it glides through the air without a problem. It goes where you aim it too.

Ive had it for a few weeks now, and through out it ive thrown with Yellow Kitty String Originals. Let me know what you thought of the review and what could have been better. This was my first one


I want one! I am trying to learn horizontal tricks but I can only do a trapeze and a bind


I never tried horizontal play much until I got this. With this YoYo, I can do horizontal tricks just as easy as a trick on a straight throw. C3 nailed this thing!