C3yo Halo Unboxing


Hey there.
I just placed a short C3yo Halo unboxing video up on Sniffy-Yo.
You can check it out at:


very much enjoying it so far, very smooth surface with a nice weight, quick movement and good momentum. will be the first plastic I review.


Cool review!


I’m already enjoying the heck out of this yoyo.
such a nice surface.
very impressed overall so far.


I love mine.

Just to throw that out their.

So smoo ooth.


Is it heavy?


I’d say it seems to feel lighter than its 68.5g on the string.


Can it play fast?


Yes, most definitely.

Such a great buy.


Over catalyst?


my friend is trying and failing to be secretive about the fact hes getting me this!!! I can’t wait!


It would be pretty funny if he doesn’t get it, haha, just saying


I thought the annotations were silly.
Cool video, but I’m way to inexperienced to understand a lot of what you were talking about.