C3 x CLYW review anyone?

I’m very curious about this yoyo.

Anyone have a good review of it? Also specs would be cool.

detailed pics of the response and shape would be appreciated to.

I lifted these specs from C3 on their H5 but I think they have to be nearly identical. I’ll have access to an actual scale that can appropriately weigh this thing when I back to work at the hospital tomorrow night so if no one posts a genuine weight by then I will. When I lined the 2 yoyos up side by side at Worlds (my friend has an H5, I don’t) they seemed fairly identical with the exception of the Chief’s inner rings. The yoyo is huge. It is just as big as you remember the H5 being, but it is floaty and effortless on the string. I am not a reviewer so I’ll just do my best here…and I honestly was going to pick one up because I’m a collector, but after demo-ing one at the C3 booth I wanted one simply because I genuinely wanted one. It’s large in your hand but it plays fairly light on the string. The Chief weight rings save this yoyo. They really do. Bringing that weight inwards instead of having all that weight out on the rim of this hulkingly large yoyo makes it play significantly more light than an H5. It’s extremely well balanced and I really do feel that it plays “light.” When you bind it and return the yoyo to your hand it’s almost like, “Wow. This giant thing plays this well? How did they do that?!?”

By no means will it ever become a daily throw. If you’re looking for something unique and fun and/or if you are a collector of CLYW or C3 it is a worthwhile purchase. Hope this helps.

Weight(g): 74.80
Width(mm) 45.35
Diameter (mm) 64.52
Gap Width (mm) 4.77

All pics are comparisons to a Chief since as stated earlier, I don’t have an H5.

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Holy wow that thing is massive. Nice to know that it plays light, though! Any idea on the price?

Who wants to sell me one? :stuck_out_tongue:

Just weighed in at 74.6 grams. They were $145 at the C3 booth.

i picked one up at worlds and will be reviewing it shortly all i have to say is its like a ever more stable h5