CLYW x C3: H5 x Chief - CLYW Definitive Comparisons Vol3.


The past 12 months have seen two pretty phenomenal collaborations from CLYW.

The first of which was the C3 x CLYW - H5 x Chief. (A mouthful of a name to be sure!)

Phonetically… I personally like to call it the “High-five Chief” but… you can call it what you like. Perhaps calling it Matilda is more your style? How about Big-Chief? Go for it!

annnnyhow… let’s look at some specs shall we?

Diameter: 63.90 mm / 2.51 inches
Width: 45.80 mm / 1.80 inches
Gap Width: 4.85 mm / .19 inches
Weight: 71.5 grams
Bearing Size: Size C (.250 x .500 x .187)
Stainless Steel Bearing
Response: Mine have Snow Tires… but the YYE site states: “C3yoyoresponse Silicone Pad” (ymmv)

now then… the good stuff: (Please note, I’m currently missing Summit Comparison shots - will update soon!)

with a Chief

with a CLIFF

with a Glacier Express

with a BvM Round2

with a BvM (Round 1)

with a Puffin

with a Wooly Marmot

with a Wooly Markmont

with a Peak (3rd Gen)

with a Peak (2nd Gen)

with a Sasquatch

with a Gnarwhal

with an Arctic Circle

with an Avalanche

with a Canvas

with a Galactic Goose

with a Campfire

with a Bassalope (SB)

with a Bassalope (LB)

On a throw, you’ll immediately notice a few things. First off… Size.

The next closest thing CLYW has that compares in size is the CLIFF. (followed by the BvM Round 2)

The size gives it a little kick-back on a throw, so you’ll need to adjust at first…

But once you do, it’s a blast.

The high walls and extra rim weight make this thing a competition ready, solid, consistent player.

The large diameter coupled with the extra stability of the “Chief rings” gives this an amazing amount of power on a throw.
It spins and spins and spins.

Also, the high-walls and large diameter make string rejection tricks have a lot more “oomph”
What I mean by that is, if you like to get the big “pop” of a string whipping out on a rejection trick, a smaller diameter yo-yo with lower walls makes this a bit harder, and will tend to just have the string kind of slink off when it rejects. Not so with this fella. When it rejects, it rejects like Dikembe Mutombo

The trade-off of the huge-size, is that a little extra control is needed with regen tricks.

The finish is also more of a polished-finish if you get one of the C3 anno-ed versions
where the CLYW anno versions tend to be more of a slick-matte style.

This is also the best CLYW for MoMo/Kohta style finger-spin tricks. The bubble/dome of the AC/Canvas/CLIFF and the nubs on all the other models tend to get in the way of finger spin tricks. Not so here! (you can see my early attempt toward the end of the video here:

I’ve also found that I tend to go to this yo-yo when practicing horizontal/excalibur style tricks since the large profile makes it easier to monitor when it starts to tilt back out of horizontal, and go back to regular vertical tilt.

Comes with a stock bearing, but I always play mine with Center-tracs - your mileage may vary, but certainly this is my personal preference here - especially since the ones I have, are equipped with Snow Tires.

The best part is, YYE has TONS of them in some really fantastic colorways in stock.
Check 'em out at:

Bonus - here’s a video I made with one.

Enjoy! ;D

Awesome. I really enjoy this series, Adam; hope it goes until all the comparisons are done!

I’d like to note that this is one of my favourite yoyos from a friend’s collection. I don’t have one myself, but I take the opportunity to play it whenever I can. The size makes it so “different” from everything else (except maybe a H5!) that it’s just delightful. It’s very stable, very competent, and despite the size (or because of it? Physics?) it feels rather graceful on the string!

Anybody looking for something a bit outside of their “norm” (unless their norm is oversized yoyos!) should really really give this one a go. I find it to be an inspiring and motivating yoyo to play.

Nice. It dwarfs all other clyw! that’s funny.

Makes the Cliff look small :slight_smile: