Review of the CLYW Chief

The Highly anticipated throw from CLYW comes and goes. If you were one of the fortunate ones
to grab one on the previous release or with the 2nd, you waited for the time and snatched one as fast
as you could with credit card No. copy/ pasted ready to go.


Diameter: 56.52 mm / 2.22 inches
Width: 44.47 mm / 1.75 inches
Gap Width: 4.22 mm / .16 inches
Weight: 66.2 grams
Response System: CLYW Snow Tires
Bearing Size: C- Sized Bearing

First Looks:

It comes in your usual CLYW brown box with the appropriate stamped art on it.
I had a chance to quickly snag a Foxy Moss edition, I was too slow to grab the
Northern Lights for as I checked out to PayPal, it said item was no longer available…dang.
But nonetheless, Foxy looks amazing.
Looking closer you can see the inner groove added to this monster for more stability
and though I’m not much of a fan as to how it looks, you get used to it after a while.
The finish is smooth just like the other CLYW throws, nothing different from what I can
feel. I was a little bummed when I noticed that it had a small pinprick but things happen.

Throwing the beast:

 When I threw it, it had a nice light thunk so to say at the end of the string. It has this

feeling of being floaty in the air but not your usual floaty throw. In a sense, it’s floaty with
authority, that’s the best way I could describe it. You can push it to speed up or you can
just chill with it and it will adapt to any kind of play you present it with. I have to say that
the catch zone makes string hits a breeze and I don’t think anyone should have a problem
landing anything with it, if you need something wider, go throw a Super Wide or some other

Landing back to the hand, it has this semi-H shape that feels not too big but just right.

I got fairly large hands so others with smaller hands may have to adjust to it but if you have
other full-size throws, you’ll be fine. The Snow Tires work great! No snag no matter
how many wraps I had and great snappy binds regardless of my spin time. It was
unresponsive dead on at the start and no need for break in time.

I have to say that this beast will spin forever. I've played with quite a few CLYW tops in the

past and in my collection, but I have to say, that new inner groove packs a punch in this
throw! Another topic is the smoothness. People know of the standard CLYW vibe that it is,
and though it’s not much of a problem, I could honestly say that this throw is vibe free. I’d
say that the Chief comes close to General-Yo smooth I own a lot of General yo throws
Other than that, it handles re-gens ridiculously good, Horizontal play is great, Front style, everything.


Playing with the Chief for a good amount of hours, I'd have to say that yes, it's easily

a great competition throw, I know some people I’ve talked to were a little iffy on the price
range but if you like a company or a throw enough, I’m sure you’d support it regardless
and I’m sure in the end, they will always repay you with great throws so no one will
be disappointed. CLYW made another great throw, I’m looking forward in seeing what they
could do next as this is by far the best CLYW throw I’ve had the pleasure to have in my
collection. With all that said, if you could grab one on the next run and you
have the cash to dish out, I’d say go for it. It could be the throw you’ve been looking for.

:smiley: just what i was looking for. now im torn between the chief and the bvm. these are for xmas gifts of course. i have a feeling ill be getting a bvm because its easier to find :stuck_out_tongue:

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I’ve got many CLYW models and I like them all. I can’t see the Chief or the Canvas being let-downs either. I also buy my CLYW throws from BST to save money.

So, BVM or Chief… I can’t see how either choice would be a bad thing.

Very anxious to try the Chief!

If it’s half as good as their other throws, i’ll be happy!

I’m not sure about the chief, yes or no

I can say yes. Very good throw.