Weekly Reviews 1 - CLYW Chief!



This is the 1st week of June, so I’m going to start doing Weekly Reviews. I made a post about it yesterday (5/31/13) in the General Discussions section. This will last all through June and July, I’ll be doing reviews from the Speedmaker to the Chief. I won’t be going in any specific order necessarily. I might do a string review or two as well.

Alright, so today, I will be revewing the CLYW Chief! This is my very first CLYW, I was very excited. I’ve always wanted a CLYW because they have such a great reputation and all of their throws look great! So, let’s see if the Chief is any good…

String Used: JAMS YoYo String

First Impressions

Alright, so when I opened it up and got a look, this thing looks like a nice, full sized throw. For some reason, when I first get a yoyo, I always feel like they look super small. This has been the case for my YoYoFactory ONE, YoYoJam Dark Magic II, OneDrop MarkMont Next, and all of my other throws. So, moving on, the Chief looked great. I got the green with yellow splash(sorry, I’m not sure what the name of the colorway is) Chief. It looks very nice. I think the extra inner lip made this yoyo stand out from my other throws and it looked real nice. In my hands, it felt super smooth, not quite as smooth as my MN(MarkMont Next), but it was still really smooth. It felt very comfortable in the hand and I couldn’t wait to throw it.


Diameter: 56.52 mm
Width: 44.47 mm
Gap Width: 4.22 mm
Weight: 66 grams
Response System: CLYW Snow Tires
Bearing: Center Trac Bearing

Now, let’s see how the Chief does…

On a Throw

WOW! On the first throw I knew I found the perfect yoyo. It was dead smooth! The Chief can play fast and stable, or play slowly and floaty. This yoyo is very diverse and will adapt to your play style. That’s what I love about the Chief. I think that’s why the Chief has so much love, it will adapt to your style, and isn’t targeted towards a certain group. It’s a very well rounded yoyo. Its smooth, stable, and a little floaty as well. This is a very fun yoyo, and every time I throw it, I feel like I’ve found true joy all over again. It’s very forgiving, and isn’t bad at anything. Actually, it’s not good at anything either. It’s great at everything! It can play fast and stable great. It can play slow and flowy great. No matter what your style is, the Chief will adapt and complete all of your combo like a breeze. Grinds are great. When you grind, it feels great on your skin, there’s no vibe so it feel very smooth. It doesn’t feel like it’s going to stop spinning, if you close your eyes you won’t be able to tell when the yoyo will stop sleeping until it actually does. Grinds last long too. Palm Grinds last 3-4 seconds. Arm grinds last 4-6 seconds, thumb grinds last 5-8 seconds, thumb grinds last 6-10 seconds. I just love to grind when I’m using the Chief. Gyroflops… are great, if you are using the stock center trac bearing. Gyroflops are good if you use a flat bearing. Regenerations are great. I’m not good at regens, but when I do regens on the Chief, it’s almost always comes out well, a nice straight regen. Lastly, binds are great. Easy to bind, nice and tight binds. You can bind easily even when the yoyo has a very weak spin. Snap starts are a breeze with the Chief. Once again, the Chief is AMAZING. I truly love every aspect of this yoyo when it comes to playability.


I’ll compare the Chief to my MN and dm2. Before I go into play, I’ll talk about the size a little bit. The Chief is obviously larger than the MN since the Chief is full sized and the MN is undersized. Now, if you remember from earlier I said I felt like the Chief looked larger than all of my other throws when I first saw it. However, when I put them right next to each other, the Chief is actually only a hair wider and larger than the dm2. I guess it’s because of the shape. Now… onto play. The Chief has the stability of a dm2, but takes it to a new level. It doesn’t tilt or turn at all, unlike the MN, the MN tends to tilt and turn a little if you’re doing a long combo, but the Chief stays straight the whole way through. The Chief can play fast like the MN, maybe even a little faster. The Chief isn’t the floatiest yoyo in the world, but it still has some float to it, and it beats out the MN and dm2 when it comes to that. Grinds are smoother and last longer. Snap snarts are easier with the Chief, because when you snap, it sleeps longer and just generally binds better then the MN and dm2 when spin is slow. Gyroflops are better than the MN and dm2 if you are using a center trac. If you are using a flat bearing, the Chief is on par with them. Now, regenerations. I feel like the dm2 is great at regenerations. The Chief is just slightly better than the dm2 when it comes to regens. In short, the Chief beats out both the MN and dm2 and every aspect.


-very stable
-dead smooth
-a little floaty
-can play fast or slow
-great regens
-long, smooth grinds
-long sleep time
-tight binds, binds very well when it’s spinning slowly as well
-easy gyroflops




The Chief is a very great yoyo. It will adapt to your style, it’s very stable and a little floaty too. So, you don’t have to worry too much about “Will this yoyo fit my preferences?” because the Chief will adapt to your play style. It’s dead smooth, and is great in every aspect. There are no cons whatsoever. The Chief is a very fun throw. Everytime you play with the Chief, you will feel like you have felt happiness for the first time all over again. It’s on the more expensive side, but this yoyo is worth every cent. I recommend this yoyo for EVERYONE!

I hope you guys liked my review! Please, Please, PLEASE comment below with questions, concerns, anything! Tell me what you think, thanks!

*Pictures coming soon!


Nicely done!


This is actually pretty good. A few pictures to separate the text and it would be perfect.


Yea, at the bottom it says pics coming soon lol, should be there by the end of the night