Clyw chief

What is your opinion of the clyw chief

I’m a little familiar with it. They’re ok :wink:

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It’s very wide, pretty big feeling, it’s actually one of the clyw throws made by one drop.

If you tell us your preferences we can probably judge whether you would like it or not.

It’s an awesome yoyo though. If you just want to go off of our word and get it then I would say absolutely.

I recently purchased one. Its rather large and wide. Its the widest yoyo I own. At first I thought it was a little light, but after a week of play I don’t mind the weight. It wants to play fast. Sometimes it feels like its getting away from me because of how light it is. Its a great throw but not worth the $150 price tag. There are great full size yoyos out there for around $100.

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For some reason I find it hard to believe that youve ever thrown one.

Chalk it up to preferences and move on. Can’t please everyone, yada, yada,yada…

I threw one. I really liked it. I’m having one heck of a time obtaining one. Gotta have one for my own now! Apparently offering someone’s full asking price wasn’t sufficient to get a response out of some BST sellers.

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I love the chief! I would say to plays similar to a supernova or supernova lite. Smooth fast and floats on the string. Sorry you still can’t get on studio. One day. I was one of the lucky ones that got one in the last release.

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Haha I was basing myself off his collection. 5 chiefs and counting as far as I know

's good. I like it.

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I’ve been enjoying mine a ton.

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when will they be restocking??

Its pretty much random