What is the best yoyo from clyw?

What is the best yoyo from clyw?


I hugged my Yeti today… have you hugged yours? ;D

It’s all individuals opinions on what yoyo is “best”… its a personal preference thing :wink:

This is all Preferences. I like the wooly marmot 2 for undersized and cliff for oversized. For full size I’d take the Chief or scout.

I agree woth everyone who say preference, but a lot of people really like the chief. Its in a lot of people’s “this is the clyw to get” list it seems like.

It’s all a matter of opinion. Do you have any other Yo-Yos that you really like? Do you have a particular Yo-Yoing style that you are trying to perfect (Fast, technical, relaxed, a little of everything, etc.)? If you have already determined you want a CLYW, the answers to those questions would help everyone recommend a model that you might enjoy most.

However, I have noticed that your favorite Yo-Yo and favorite trick are both listed as “idk”, so I assume you might not have any answers for those questions (If you do, please post them).

If you haven’t really developed any preferences or personal style yet, and you only have a few Yo-Yos, I personally wouldn’t even purchase a CLYW… yet. I would stick to cheaper high-performance models until I had figured out what I do like in a Yo-Yo, and what I don’t. For less than 100$, I could buy a handful of fantastic Yo-Yos, such as the YoYoJam Legacy III, YoYoFactory ProtoStar, and Duncan Metal Drifter… and still have money left over to get strings and extra parts.

After some time, when I’d developed my own playing style and determined what I really want out of a Yo-Yo, I might go out and drop the money on a really nice throw like a CLYW. I would already know which ones I might like based on my experiences with other Yo-Yos, and I would be more likely to select a model that would suit me personally. If you aren’t interested in that approach, you might as well just buy whatever CLYW looks pretty to you. None of them are “the best”, they’re just different…

But again, this is assuming you don’t know what kind of Yo-Yos and trick styles you prefer. If you do, the first paragraph of this reply is the only thing relevant here.

I would personally get a Chief its a totally chill throw and would make a great first CLYW but its all preferance so if something else catches your eye go ahead and get that