Should I get the clwy chief

If any of u have any recommendations I would gladly consider them and I want this to be my first clwy. I don’t know if this helps my favorite yoyo I have is the yyf monster is the chief any similar

The CLYW Chief is one of the best yoyos available today. I would consider it the best all around yoyo, and Chris, the owner of CLYW said that if you’re looking for your first CLYW, the Chief is a good place to start. Definitely one of the best yoyos I’ve ever used. If you have the money, get it for sure.

In regards to your similarity concerns: the Chief is a larger yoyo, like the Monster, just not as wide. You’ll love it. I say get it now! :slight_smile:


The above statement is very true, and the chief is a fairly wide yoyo that is amazing in the sense of the word. Amazing smooth long spins that blow you away. I never regret for a second getting one( even if mine is fg, but and ano problem).

Yes get one.

If you’ve got CLYW on your mind, Chief is a no-brainer of a purchase. Get one!

I second everyone who has said get one. You won’t be disappointed.

Thanks everyone I will order one as soon as I get the money

Theres no doubt that the chief is one of the best yo-yos out there. It lives up to the name. the balance of this yoyo can take the toughest combos. It will power through the longest tricks. And after all that, Its still spinning. This thing is crazy. Thats all I can say.