C3yoyodesign P-Wave

Opening: Pong Si Yee is personally my favorite yo-yo player. With his technical tricks and horizontal playstyle, I am always amazed at what he brings to yo-yo competitions. When C3yoyodesign announced his new yo-yo I was incredibly happy that they were going to design a yo-yo to fit his style. I was disappointed at the fact that I could not afford it with its price tag, but I did not care I just wanted to see the yo-yo and admire it in the pictures. I got back from the university I attend, I was just sitting down as my brother approached me and said, “Here is your late birthday present”, and he handed me the C3yoyodesign P-Wave yo-yo. I was shaking a little bit as I got the yo-yo and held it. I was happy that I received a yo-yo that I have wanted for a while and that was the signature model of my favorite yo-yo player.

Specs (Source Yoyoexpert.com):
Diameter-56.43mm/2.22 inches
Width-45.15mm/1.77 inches
Gap Width-4.10mm/0.16 inches
Weight-68 grams
Bearing-Size C CenterTrac (.250 x .500 x.187)
Response-19mm Slim Pad

First Impressions: Literally, “I cannot believe this yo-yo is all MINE!!” I took it out of the package and the first thing I noticed was how soft the yo-yo wa, then I remembered the 7075 aluminum that C3 mentioned. I figured it would be good for grinds. I got it in Blue with dark blue acid splash and I was fascinated at the way it looked as well. I always mention in my other reviews that I like the weight of my yo-yo’s to be between 67-69 grams, and the P-Wave being 68 grams is the perfect weight for me so the weight is another thing I really like about this yo-yo. The shape is comfortable in my hand and also being very smooth, it felt great in my hand. The center trac bearing installed also made me realize that it was a competition level throw. I had to test this beast out next.

Play: On my first throw the spin time was great and long. The bearing was not noisy but not silent either, nothing to complain about there. I immediately put it through the combos I am working on and boy can this beast take them all. Even after a combo it would still be sleeping as if I barely threw it down. I put on a counterweight to do my 5a tricks and it handled those with ease as well. I made a few grinds and due to the smoothness it grinded for a while and I was even able to incorporate it into my combos. Horizontal tricks work perfectly on this yo-yo also, slacks and picture tricks the same. The yo-yo handled everything I threw at it with ease. I knew it was a good yo-yo but it exceeded my expectations. Finger spins i did have to get used to because the inner caps are nothing like any of the other yo-yo’s I have (YYF Shutter and Duncan Strix), with practice though I am now able to do them just right. I just got to be careful not to get this one dinged up. Overall the play on the P-Wave is perfect in my opinion.

Final Thoughts: From now on, this will be one yoyo that I will take with me to different places whenever I want to have a quick study break. One of the best yo-yo companies out there is C3yoyodesign and the P-Wave is another great addition to their already successful line of top level yo-yo’s. Yes, the price tag is steep, but if you have the money I think you should give the C3yoyodesign P-Wave a shot, just look at what Pong Si Yee can do with it in his videos. The quality of this yo-yo is amazing, and I am extremely happy to have a yo-yo by my favorite yo-yo player. What do you you guys/girls think? Feedback is greatly appreciated.

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Nice review. Interesting yoyo

Nice Review !!

I think the P-Wave & Gungir are awesome YoYo’s, and it seems they are a bit underrated. I Love mine.
Maybe your review will attract people to try the P-Wave.

Pretty cool… I recently got a BerserkerSS and i love it, so i m looking into other C3 yoyos i might wanna pick up… Might consider a P-Wave now too :smiley: nice review